April 30, 2014

{STYLE} April Showers Bring May Flowers

Susan Miller wasn't kidding when she alluded to the fact that April would be a rough and stormy (literally/metaphorically) month. Despite the weird latent snow, hurricane-style rain and winds, and overall gloom and doom, I tried my best to make the most of the days where the sun did peek out for more than a few hours. There were trips to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, walks around my neighborhood, strolls through Soho, and even a couple of meals enjoyed on sunshiny patios with our puppy. It wasn't the gorgeous first hints of spring that I tend to romanticize about, but I made the most of the opportunities we had - and especially took advantage of it for the sake of my wardrobe. Without being full on pastel, I love that this top from Addition Elle still hints at florals and spring motifs. The leather-like detailing on the back lends itself to just the right balance of hard and soft that I love to work into my personal style. Being that it's a tunic style, it's also super versatile - and a great length for days that I dare to wear leggings as pants. 

I escaped from New York (again) last night, and have found myself back in the South. I'm ready for what will come of May: jazz fest (I'm seeing Solange tomorrow!), my best friend's bachelor party, a road-trip through Savannah and Charleston with Ali, a departure to the West Coast... There's so much room for adventure and a lot of unknown, and I think it's exactly what I need! 


This post was sponsored by Addition Elle.
All opinions are my own.
Photos by Lydia Hudgens.


  1. Such a pretty outfit darling!

  2. gorgeous outfit! I adore your pink bag & denim skirt. Enjoy jazz fest!

  3. OMG - your hair is gorgeous!! And this outfit is wonderful!!

  4. Great Outfit! Love the skirt and the beautiful bag.

  5. I totally understand you..here in Austria it's been cold and then warm and then the next day it rains but is super hot...I seriously don't know what to wear anymore =P

    Rosie's Life

  6. You are so friggin cool. Love the hair, wish the company I work for allowed me to dye my hair this way. :(


  7. I need this bag in my life.



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