June 24, 2014

{STYLE} Knits Worth Investing In

On the heels of another closet sale and massive wardrobe purge, I'm looking at my closet with a set of fresh eyes and a renewed perspective on the things that line my wardrobe rails for the long haul versus the pieces that come and go. While I get a kick out of my fast fashion impulse buys as much as anyone else, it's impossible not to notice the amount of wear and longevity I get out of those classic pieces that stand the test of time. I can easily look at a pair of quirky designer platform heels and yell "investment!" but the pieces that are actually worth investing in tend to take a different tone: one that is contemporary but not trendy, classic but not boring, and made with actual quality fibers. So, as I've done a major "out with the old," I'm thinking long and hard before anything new comes through my doors.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens
{Wearing} Black Sleeveless Top c/o cushie b., Cream Long Drape Cardigan c/o cushie b.,  Lafayette148 New York Leather Skirt, Kate Spade Beau Bag, Karolina Bow Heels c/o Kate Spade, Karen Walker "Number One" Sunglasses

As I mentioned last week, one of my favorite things about working in the fashion industry is getting to meet new designers and hearing the story behind emerging brands. I was recently introduced to cushie b, a line of modern classics that focuses on luxurious knitwear. Knowing that the designer, Val Thompson, is herself a full figured woman (much like Elann Zelie of Zelie for She) is enormously important to me; there's a sincerity in the approach to design and execution when it comes to silhouette and materials.

I paired my cushie b. knits with another classic investment piece, a Lafayette148 New York leather pencil skirt that has been in my wardrobe for a few years now - perfect for my days where I need to err on the side of professional and a little more buttoned-up, all while being incredibly comfortable. While I've owned some great luxury sweaters in my lifetime, the touch-and-feel of this knit is a whole new experience; it is easy and relaxed while still looking and feeling tailored, and I know it's not the kind of material to stretch and lose its shape - something that will help keep it in my personal rotation for years to come!

Of course, there are still a few quintessential foundation pieces missing from my wardrobe. Somehow, I still haven't found the perfect pair of blue jeans that can go from day to night, or a fabulous white button down, nor a classic trench... The hunt is on. I guess this is growing up?

This post was sponsored by cushie b.
All content and opinions are my own.  


  1. that skirt looks amazing on you! -jill

  2. Love this outfit, you look amazing!!


  3. You look so adorable

    greetings from germany :)

  4. Love this look. So classy and elegant. Blk, Wht and pink forever. My kind of colors and girl. Does the cardigan come in all sizes?? Looks great and rather versatile. Cute new flats too.

  5. You look so cute!! The flowers are such a nice touch. Xo always!

  6. It comes in sizes 1x-3x and is available in cream and black!

  7. Super classic, but simple look!

    I have a hard time investing in quality clothing pieces, so I tend to do it in my accessories. I'm both hard on clothes, and hate the idea that I may size myself out of something. (Something I did once with my old silk Trashy Diva dresses!) I try to buy what I love and will wear, now for this body. Accessories (with the exception of MOST) shoes, I can get a much longer life out of... so I splurge there!

  8. I just noticed they re heels not flats as I thought. Cute.

  9. I love that dress!! It is so beautiful and the pink sweater gives it femininity and sweetness! http://www.payless4brands.com

  10. It looks so luxurious & I love how it's tailored, instead of slouchy!


  11. cozy, cute and luxurious!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  12. Lovely. You look glowing. It looks amazingly luxurious! Love love love.


  13. This is such a pretty outfit, I love that shade of pink!! Perfect for summer. 💕

  14. Beautifull look! A Hug from Brazil!

  15. Very nice shirt!!! and the heels I love the colour!!! ρουχα σε μεγαλα μεγεθη

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