June 25, 2014

{WISHLIST} Turkish Delight

{Clockwise from Top Left} 
Floppy Straw Hat, Embellished Neck Maxi Dress, Round Gold Filigree Sunglasses, Evil Eye Minaudiere, Wide Fit Gold Sandals, Baublebar x Stripes&Sequins Double Cape Knot Bracelet, Faux Leather Handled Straw Tote,  Embellished Tankini, Supergoop! 50 SPF Mist, NARS Pressed Light Reflecting Powder, Deborah Lippmann "Romantic Rapture" Nail Polish, Too Faced Luminous Bronzer, Tarte "Blushing Bride" Cheek Stain, Metal Mule Sandals

In what is turning out to be a summer full of endless travel (and I am not complaining), I'm already counting down the days until my biggest travel destination of the season: Turkey. In August I'm heading to Istanbul, Bodrum, and Cappadocia with my family and cannot wait to dip my toes into the Aegean Sea and enjoy all the colors and flavors of the Mediterranean. 

Have you visited any of these cities? Do you have any recommendations? I've been taking notes from my New York Times travel books, which actually have sample itineraries for each of my destinations. I've been collecting each iteration of the "36 hours" books, by the way, and they're great! They make fantastic gifts, too.


  1. Nice wish list, love the Min Audiere purse!! ...and that beach towel,what! Would love to send you a face mask to pamper before you go.. Indigo Magic :)

  2. The shopping-- it's insane I have a pair of embroidered boots from there that are unlike anything I've ever seen. Check out the Luxe City guide-- they have all the best shopping tips.

  3. Istambul is simply fantastic! Visit the Blue Mosque (more charming than Santa Sofía, in my opinion) and get crazy in the bazaar! I was surprised by how cosmopolitan the city was! Do you know that most bars are located in rooftops? 360º is one of the best! In general, the views of the Bosforo are breathtaking. Oh and since I think you are into beauty tips and facts: the girls in Istambul have amazing hair! Serious hair envy, believe me.
    Have a great time!!!!

  4. love the picks, turkey gets unbelievably hot so bare that in mind!!!


  5. Istanbul is incredible!!! I lived there for about six months this past year, and I miss the city every single day. It is amazing!

    A few tips:

    What you have to see:

    The Blue Mosque is incredible, same with the Basilica Cistern (please go - it is really worth it!), and Hagia Sophia is beautiful as well (however under construction in certain parts). Furthermore the view from Galata Tower is incredible of the entire city (there can be a long line however, but it is worth it). Instanbul Museum of Modern Art is really a great museum as well to go if it gets too hot outside.
    (Dolmabache Palace is not worth the price of the tickets FIY)

    Where to go to drink turkish tea or coffee and to see the sunset: take the ferry to Uskudar (on the Asian side), get off the ferry and walk to the left by the water the entire way. About 1km down the seaside you will stumble across a "cafe" by the water. It is basically just a lot of steps with pillows and a man walking around serving tea and coffee. Go there to see the sunset - which sets over the old part of the city. It is an amazing view of the European side of the city. And of the Maiden Tower.

    Where to go for turkish breakfast: by Galata tower, there is a cafe called Cafe Privato. Do yourself the favor of going there for breakfast. It is amazing. Can be pretty crowded, but it is really nice and chilled! And amazing food!! (http://privatocafe.com/).

    Cappadocia is also one of the most breathtaking places, it is truly amazing. Make sure to go to the underground city - if you are not scared of small rooms and dark places. It is incredible to see!

    And enjoy Istanbul!!! Turkey is one of my favorite places! With great food, amazing people and just beautiful sights all around!

  6. Thank you so much!!! I've been to the mosques and cathedrals you've suggested, but am really hoping to go back again. The Blue Mosque is probably one of my favorite examples of islamic architecture in the world.

    Loving these suggestions!!

  7. Yeah!! The rooftop bars and amazing terrace restaurants were one of the highlights from my last trip to Istanbul. I'm SO excited. It's also my first time visiting other parts of Turkey!

  8. It's actually cooler there than it is here in NYC! haha

  9. I cannot WAIT to go back to the bazaars for this reason. Last time I was in Istanbul I think I just got some dumb/trendy/super westernized jewelry, but now I'll be returning with a renewed appreciation for the local flavor. I can't wait. I have a little list going :)

  10. Oooo! I might have to take you up on that. Thanks, Kat!

  11. ok my picks: the dress, sunglasses and eye clutch wow!

  12. The hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia is a must. One of the coolest things I have ever done. In Istanbul there was great shopping in the Arrosta (spelling might be off there) Bazaar.

  13. Hi Nicolette! (I'm not sure if you remember me, but I'm Kristin, one of your winners of the SimplyBe Celebrate You contest you held last year!) :)

    You've gotten some great suggestions here--I've lived in Turkey teaching English in a small town in central Anatolia for the past year. It's a very conservative place, and definitely an interesting part of Turkey compared to where I had previously traveled (Istanbul, mainly!). For my research, I've been observing and commenting on some of the feminist politics and how women marshal their needs politically into their social surroundings.

    On a more classically fun note, though, I've gotten to travel a lot!

    In Bodrum, I'd recommend walking along the water on the western part of the pier--there are a lot of cute shops, and great restaurants along the shoreline. I was lucky enough to be in Bodrum during election weekend--it's one of the more liberal cities, and although the government stated that alcohol could not be served on election day, we celebrated alongside the lovely locals!

    In Istanbul, aside from the lovely list Nadja offered, I'd say that you should also go shopping in the Cihangir area. It's beautiful, full of adorable vintage shops, cute coffee shops (definitely check out Kronotrop, one of my favorites) and great food. Two restaurants I love are: Van Kahvalti Evi--Van is a city that is up for the Guiness World Book record for the most dishes in a traditional breakfast; each little plate is delicious, definitely order the Van Kahvaltisi! The other is an adorable slow food traditional breakfast called Datli Maya, which has amazing freshly baked Turkish pastries and breads, and amazing historical foods mixed with contemporary food efforts like organic sourcing and sustainable cooking. Head over to the Ortakoy area, if it's not too hot, cause there is lovely boutique shopping, fun restaurants, and delicious street baked potatoes called Kumpir that are a lovely indulgence. I'd also recommend making a trip over to Salt, a contemporary art space and gallery (http://saltonline.org/en/home) and if you have the time to read Orhan Pamuk's book The Museum of Innocence, go to the museum in Istanbul, where he has captured the essence of Istanbul during that time, within the love story he wrote. It's beautiful.

    Enjoy! (Or as they say in Turkey, good travels/iyiy yolculuklar!) xx

    P.S. I'm going to Capadoccia with a friend next week, and she's already been, so if she takes me anywhere outstanding, I'll be sure to write to you here!

  14. I second all of the tips below, with a few of my own. I used to live in Istanbul and miss it bunches. Mandabatmaz in Taksim on Olivia Gecidi (a right off Istiklal Caddessi, the big street) is a famous Turkish coffee place and is amazing. Great mix of young and old, tourists and locals. Desa is a high end Turkish brand with really cool bags and leatherwear. They sell all over the world but the store in Nisantasi is worth a trip. If you can, make your way up to North Istanbul. It's a trip, but there are a couple buses that go up that way towards Kilyos. Kilyos has great beaches on the Black Sea. East of Kilyos on the Bosphorus is Garipce, a tiny fishing town with a great fresh market and places to eat Turkish breakfast on the sand. Highly recommend it!

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