September 29, 2014

{BEAUTY} Travel Beauty Essentials

I feel extremely lucky to get to travel so much as part of my job; having the opportunity to experience different cities, cultures, and the people that inhabit them is honestly one of the greatest gifts my career has given me thus far. Of course, traveling isn't without its challenges... For one, the jetlag and inconsistent sleeping schedule is among the biggest pains, and two, while it's mildly embarrassing, one of the hardest parts of packing my bags and jetting off somewhere near or far is paring down my toiletries and cosmetics to just the essentials.

Because I have to keep my makeup bag fairly slimmed down and light, I devote space to those tried-and-true products that last all day from morning-to-night. Long-wear makeup is an absolute necessity in my life: even when I'm home in NYC, I'm only doing my makeup once in the morning before a day of running around the city to meetings, photo-shoots, fashion showrooms, and cocktails or dinner in the evening with friends, and rarely want to carry my makeup with me for touch-ups... except of course for lipstick, that's essential.

Benefit's They're Real! Mascara has been a longtime favorite of mine, so I was eager to try They're Real! Push-Up Liner, after months of hearing about it through other bloggers and beauty editors. First things first: true to it's promise, the waterproof gel liner does not budge. At all. Not a single centimeter. The liner comes with an accu-flex tip (a very different feeling than the felt tips I'm used to using), that allows for an ultra-close, lash-hugging line, and now that I've finally got the hang of it, I'm thrilled that it's the only eyeliner I packed in my bags for my trip to London.  I'll be honest, I really, really struggled with this product at first. Though it clearly met my criteria for being long wear, it took a long time for me to get the hang of application. I've heard others had similar experiences when first testing it out, but don't get discouraged! It gets easier in time and the initial learning curve is well worth the effort. (Psst, if you buy it now from Macy's, you'll also receive a free deluxe sample of They're Real! Remover). 

Some practical tips for actually using They're Real! Push Up Liner, so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did:

1.) Since it's a click-pen, it will take about a dozen clicks when you first open the package.
2.) You'll only need 1-click worth of gel liner to fully line each eye. When you click, the gel will push up to the top of the accu-flex tip. At this point, i like to give the tip a little pinch (at the silicone end) to bring the liner to the top.
3.) Start lining from the inside corner of your eye and work your way out. For a cat-eye or winged liner, line the eyelid first then work the opposite direction (outer point of the line towards the eye) to create the wing. 
4.) If there are any missing spots, rather than going back over the line (this will get messy), use the tip to stamp in the gaps. 

A lucky winner will win some Benefit They're Real! Push Up-Liner of their own! Just Instagram this photo to be entered! Don't forget to include @nicolettemason @macys @benefitcosmetics and #NMBenefit in the caption to be considered for entry. I'll announce the winner on October 3! 

This post was sponsored by Macy's
All content and opinions are my own. 


  1. I Like this post as I can't go with out mascara or eye liner. I am always looking to get the best liner which last all day and won't smudge. Cant wait to order/ pick up one of these to try. I wish the liner came in different colors as I often wear deep blue/ purple or jade green. Hint Hint Benefit, please consider making it in a variety of colors :) Mean while I 'll give the classic black a try to get acquainted with the product while they are producing other colors. Nikki darling you are looking great in these pics. Love your hair, your nails and that cute lip clutch. More importantly I love you.

  2. The Benefit They're Real is my favorite liner! Can't go a day without it!

  3. What a wonderful, unique and sincere campaign. I love love, and this absolutely warmed my heart (you and Ali are such a beautiful couple).

    B xx

  4. I can't thank you enough for these tips! I've been hearing non-stop buzz about the TR! liner but wasn't a fan of the applicator when I tried it in-store. My absolute go-to liquid liner is Stila's, but you've made me want to reconsider TR! Thanks again xx

  5. OMG! That was the most beautiful I have ever seen about true love. I almost blushed watching it cause I could really feel the vibes.

    It takes courage in this world to be open about things like as you said;

    "I've written about this before, but I think it's so important to be vocal and visible about love and relationships, if only because my own history and experiences proved that I didn't always believe I was deserving of love - especially as a fat, gay, just-generally-not-the-norm individual."

    I got married when I was too young and after 5 years we divorced. Now I am 37 and I´ve gain weight and feel so trapped in my own body and skin thinking, "If only I loose yada yada pounds, my life begins and I will meet someone to love me."

    I know I should´t been treating myself that way. I really try hard to stay more positive on my inside and outside but sometimes when I look at my friends Instagram I feel so unworthy and depressed. Everyone seem to have the most perfect life. I know I should´t think like that but sometimes I loose myself and feel the pressure to be perfect.

    Though I turn to women who inspire me like you Nicolette and other powerful women out there in the world. I am starting to take some Yoga lessons to be more present with myself and to work on my acceptance. It is a hard journey but I can't stand another year feeling alone and unhappy.

    Thank you Nicolette, cause you are one of my inspirations <3 <3 <3

    Love from Sweden :-)

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  7. I love your blog and was really looking forward to reading about the products that win coveted space in your travel bag....until I realized this was more of a plug for ONE single product. While this is a great mascara and product reviews are always nice the title was completely misleading. Seemed as though it was going to feature ALL the best-of, can't-leave-behind beauty products you travel with :(

  8. i've written extensively about long-wear makeup. Have you looked at my archives at all? This post in particular has a reviews of several dozen products. Yes, this post that you commented on was in promotion of one product - but if you looked at the rest of my blog you'd find a lot more :)


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