October 6, 2014

{STYLE} Nicolette Mason for ModCloth is HERE!!!

Girl gang, my first collection is finally here! I'm going to go ahead and apologize now for the overzealous use of exclamation marks that may appear in this post, but I am so excited to finally make what I've been working hard on for the last 8-months, in collaboration with an amazing team at ModCloth, available to shop! (P.S., get 15% off your entire order with the code YAY15)

{on NICOLETTE} The Nicolette Dress

Photos by Danielle Bouchette | Hair by Pavy Olivarez | Makeup by Shanna Cistuli 
Modeled by Christina, Dannielle, Gabi, and myself 

These babes and I spent a day in the (very, very hot) Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, my hometown, shooting some of our favorite pieces from the Nicolette Mason x ModCloth collection. It felt important to show my "girl gang" concept with a real-life group of my girlfriends. Gabi has become one of my partners-in-crime ever since we first met through blogging nearly 6-years ago, and she continues to be a warrior when it comes to body-positive activism (and have you seen her swimsuit line?!). Dannielle, who I have crossed paths with many times throughout our adult-lives-so-far, have only become closer as we work on each of our careers: she's just co-authored and published a book, This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids, and runs the site Everyone Is Gay, a hub for LGBT &questioning youth.  Christina is an all-around badass, blogging, consulting for mega-brands on social media strategy, and organizing the hugely-successful BeautyCon. Each of us have grown up in uniquely different circumstances and in different communities, but we've all developed real-life friendships and bonds, have laughed-til-we-cried together, helped each other with cross-country moves and supported one another through heart-break, new love, work frustrations, and all the ups-and-downs that come with life, (we also share a pretty epic, emoji-ridden group text). To say I felt honored to have them support me and this venture, and be part of this shoot, would be an enormous understatement. I feel so privileged for this opportunity and to have each of them present in my life. This is what the "girl gang" concept is really all about - coming together despite whatever superficial differences we may have and empowering one another to be the best version of ourselves. 

I hope you're all as excited about this collection and what it means as I am! It makes me so happy to be able to partner with a brand that believes in me and my message, and agrees with the basic understanding that all people deserve to have fun with fashion. To that point, the collection is available in sizes XS-4X - something that I know would not have been possible without the support of ModCloth, especially Susan, Rena, Liza, and Aire!

If you happen to introduce any of the pieces into your own wardrobe, I'd love you to share pictures with me! Tag your photos & tweets with #NMxModCloth. I'll be sharing my favorites! 


  1. Congratulations! How exciting and I love how diverse you all are and how fashion brings everyone together! I wish you much success!

  2. Beautiful pictures and collection. Love that the pieces are so versatile and come in such a range of sizes. I already placed my first order and going back to order more pieces. So excited for you as I know first hand what it means to you and how much work and effort has gone in to this collaboration with Modcloth. Congratulation darling. I love you.

  3. Absolutely love this! Congratulations and thank you for doing this!

  4. Um, so this is the greatest news.

  5. Big congrats! The pics are beautiful and so is the collection. That white and black blazer is my fave!

  6. Congratulations and well done on a great collection. I could seriously see lots of these items in my wardrobe, just a pity finances are too tight for me to splurge on an American site : ( Can't wait to see other babes rocking these though.

  7. Congratulations Nicolette!

  8. Oh NOOOOO I'm going to buy all of this and it's going to be terrible! for my bank account.

  9. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleOctober 10, 2014 at 8:03 AM

    Congratulations! These are all adorable - love the tux jacket. xo

  10. Congrats on the line! Where are Christina's shoes from?

  11. Hi Nicolette! I ordered a few different pieces from your collection and I LOVE them. They are beautifully made and the fit is amazing. It's a rare joy for a plus sized gal to experience full-on fashion delight. Thank you and good job!

  12. Congrat's Nicolette! I can't wait to get my box from ModCloth!


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