October 27, 2014

{STYLE} It's Getting Windy

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

Sometimes the exact moment that you decide to step outside and snap photos of your outfit is also the exact moment that the wind picks up and the world around you starts getting pretty gusty. It happens, and I kind of love the candid moment that came out of it.

I've been wearing this dress from Kelly Osbourne's debut line (available in XS-3X) waaaaay more than I, a Fashion Industry Professional, should admit. As the weather has been changing rapidly, the daylight hours dwindling, and my S.A.D. starting to kick in, I've felt myself defaulting to what feels easy and comfortable - and this combo undoubtedly is. I've been taking extra precautions to keep my mood from falling into a downward spiral, and dressing in a way that makes me happy has definitely been part of that, (alongside extra time at the gym, B12, ample time with friends, a dose-or-two of retail therapy).

I'm getting excited about a busy week ahead with a little bit of adventure scheduled somewhere in there. Wishing you all a happy Monday! 



  1. I love this outfit! I know the struggle of S.A.Ds too. To keep my mood up I always do a good workout, online shopping and have a Netflix marathon :)

  2. I am so smitten with that coat! Ever since I saw that glacial blue color on the runway at KaufmanFranco's AW14 show, I've been on the hunt for one that would fit me. This might be it :)

  3. I actually love Fall and Winter, so I'm excited for the weather to turn cold so I can wear some amazing knitwear and coats! I love your blue coat in this look. Glitter shoes definitely give the look a fun touch as well!

  4. this look is so cute and fun! love it!

  5. It's a great dress, high rotation isn't a problem for a dress like that.

  6. The wind made this photoshoot adorable.

  7. This look is really perfect. I love the bright colored coat - all of my coats are neutral shades - this is so fun!

  8. Such cute photos!



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