October 8, 2014

{STYLE} The Birdcage

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

While "uniform dressing" isn't quite for me, yet, and my outfits are often radically different based on my mood or the weather (from pink princess to summer goth to bohemian to prim-and-proper), I am a major repeat offender when I find an outfit that's comfortable, easy, and makes me feel confident. And when said outfit includes a major conversation-starting statement bag? It's pretty hard to resist slipping it all on again from one day to the next. I first wore this outfit (from head-to-toe) the day of Christian Siriano's runway show, and it worked flawlessly from my backstage coverage, to a post-show dinner, to his star-studded after party. I like to refer to outfits like these as my "power outfits," and when I'm not feeling particularly awesome about life (we all have those days), I default to something that I know makes me feel at ease. 

It's worth noting, since I get a lot of questions about how I manage to wear heels, that the Kate Spade "Licorice" style is particularly comfortable. I've spent entire days wearing these (and the patent black version, which I've featured before, as well)! On the day of Christian's show, knowing I would be on my feet much of the day, I even packed away a pair of emergency flats - but didn't end up using them. That's pretty remarkable for me! If I could  have them in every color, I would - particularly this pink glitter pair... swoon.

And, we need to talk about this bag. I know it's not particularly practical, but practicality has never fully appealed to me. I first laid eyes on it at the Kate Spade FW14 show last February, and had been anxiously awaiting its arrival ever since. It's gorgeous, the fabrication is awesome, and fits a surprisingly enormous amount of stuff: makeup, cellphone, wallet, house-keys, and could comfortably fit more. It's rather impressive, if I do say so myself!  



  1. This outfit is just sublime. I love Kate Spade's whimsical bags too - the waving cat clutch is my recent favorite.

  2. That bag is adorable! I don't think I'd carry it but I'd definitely use it as one of my bags on display (bags are my fashion fetish). I also love the outfit! The first thing I thought was..."Finally! My wardrobe is up to date." I purchased a lot of similar items for fall using the same colors, textures and design (aka Ann Taylor's Fall Lookbook).

  3. That bag makes my heart sing x

  4. I'm wearing one of many "uniforms" today. Was about to take a selfie when I realized i already have a pic up in the same outfit..lol. That bag is everything.

  5. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful, happy bag! I love it. Been on a serious bag binge lately.

  6. Very cute! Love that bag!

  7. That bag is the most adorable thing.

  8. Girl, you are off the chain gorgeous! Talk about an inspiration. Love it!

  9. GIRL that bag what in the world.
    What in bird's name
    Lovely Lovely Lovely.



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