October 14, 2014

{STYLE} Classic Comfort with NYDJ Originals

Jeans are not exactly the easiest piece of clothing to shop for, especially when you have a little extra junk-in-the-trunk, as I most certainly do. I’ve had a lifetime of wiggling in-and-out of too-tight jeans, or finding a pair that “fits,” only for it to be frumpy and uninspired in the fashion department. At best, I could find an inexpensive pair that looked great for the first couple of hours of wear - but soon stretched out into a baggy mess, only to fall apart at the seams after a handful of wears. But that combination of great fit, quality, and a fashion forward approach? It has seldom occurred in my life - and I’m a girl who isn’t willing to settle for anything less!

That is, of course, until I tried on my first pair of NYDJ denim a few years ago. I remember the moment almost precisely: I was in a department store fitting room, florescent lights flickering, when I pulled up a pair of black, coated skinny jeans over my hips and buttoned the waist. I looked in the mirror and was shocked to see that I looked great, a feeling jeans have never given me for as long as I can remember. I twirled around, looking at myself in the mirror with a sense of admiration that has historically not been part of my dressing-room experiences.

Beyond finding a pair that look and feel great, for a compulsive over-dresser like myself, it has actually taken a serious investment in developing my confidence to the point that I feel comfortable and chic in a pair of jeans - whether I pair them with a tee and flats, or a leather jacket and heels for a night on the town. But to find a pair that I can wear from my morning walks with Frankie, to showroom appointments and styling sessions at the Marie Claire office, to a cocktail party at the end of the day (with a little heel switcheroo)? That is the holy grail - and one I’m relieved to have finally found.

This post was sponsored by NYDJ, as part of their NYDJ Originals Series.
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  1. You look amazing in these jeans. You should wear pants more often. Great look for you. Now I am getting tempted to wear jeans today even though it's hardly my go to kind of outfit. Glad Frankie was included in these adorable pictures. Love you both 😘😘

  2. What style are the ones you are wearing? LOVE the color and length!

  3. It's the Jade legging! I should have mentioned that in the post :D Adding it in now, thank you!

  4. You always style your jeans to perfection so I think they look great on you! I also am a huge fan of NYDJ! They are a staple in my closet.

  5. Simple and cool, love the bag!

    Preppy outfit on lb-lc fashion blog

  6. This is such a cute outfit!!! Love the jeans on you.

  7. Too bad they don't have plus size longs. I'm bigger than size 16 but have a 34" inseam.

  8. Cute photos!

  9. What wash of denim are you wearing?

  10. I only wear NYDJ since discovering them a few years ago. They have saved my style on more the one occasion.


  11. I'm new around here and I'm so excited to start following along! Kitty flats rule :)

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