November 7, 2014

{STYLE} Greyscale

Photos by Lydia Hudgens 

Though I'm definitely lamenting the shorter days, I can't deny that the arrival of fall temperatures is an exciting time for my wardrobe: I love being able to layer and play with different textures as part of my daily outfits. I love the feeling of wool against leather, of knits and soft cashmeres, and of dark patterns set against the auburns and oranges of the season. IGIGI has been on my radar for a while (and their holiday looks that arrived last week are a lot of glam), and this fall's collection has been their best yet. I instantly fell in love with this black wrap coat, an easy-to-wear piece that instantly pulls together a look; I even worn this coat on my way to the gym over leggings and a tank, and managed to escape the feeling of walking around the city in workout-clothes (a major bonus, since I'm still not sold on the whole "athleisure" trend).

By the way, if you're new to IGIGI, their sizes definitely tend to run large; I got the coat in a 14/16 and there's lots of room for layering thick knits underneath. I also wish I had remembered to snap a pic of the dress without the coat on it (slipped my mind, and plus, it was chilly!), because the cut is ridiculously flattering; "flattering" isn't something that generally matters to me, but when a brand gets their cuts right, it's hard to deny the impact it makes! 

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  1. What nice dress, love tha bag too!

    F/W2014 shopping colors lb-lc fashion blog

  2. Great look. Love the coat and the bag 😍😍

  3. Love this look! It's funny when you have said before that you don't like Torrid and that it is not fashion forward, yet so many of the things you wear look like alot of the stuff Torrid carries.

  4. Haha, thank you.
    I wouldn't say this outfit is particularly "fashion forward," either. It's pretty conservative and classic, in my opinion.

    Overall I don't like the aesthetic at Torrid, but of course there are individual pieces that work well and are cute from ANY brand. Beyond that, my experience with Torrid is that it's extremely overpriced for the quality and materials and that most of the designs do not appeal to me.

    My comments about Torrid not being fashion forward were from my experience working with them on the editorial side. They might be trendy but it doesn't mean it's appropriate when I'm working on content for a magazine.

  5. I had to ask Nicolette! When was the last time you've worked with them? I hear they got a great team of people right now and because almost everything is designed in house now as opposed to market buys, their quality has never been better. Maybe someday? ;)

  6. Do you work for them? If so please feel free to email me! If what's coming differs from the new arrivals I'm very eager to see. Brands are constantly evolving so I'm always open to seeing what's new and working with those brands.

  7. I'm a hardcore layer junkie too! You look gorgeous!

  8. Love that bag!


  9. GURL. Your hair is looking faaabulous.

  10. great boots , pics are all stunning!

  11. FANTASTIC! This is a look anyone could rock!


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