January 27, 2015

{EVENTS} AVA & VIV Launch Event in NYC!

Last Thursday, after a few weeks of build-up and anticipation on my end (and a couple years for the AVA & VIV team), Target's new plus-size line, AVA & VIV was unveiled at a very swanky party at the Standard East's penthouse. The setting was incredible - you walked in to see an enormous flower wall (hello wedding/life inspo!), models wearing great head-to-toe looks from the collection, passed appetizers and cocktails, and lots of bloggers and journalists excited to see the new wares. I was truly honored to be co hosting the event with Gabi of GabiFresh and Chastity of Garner Style, two girls who I not only consider my friends, but who seriously inspire me on a regular basis. It feels amazing to work together and have the opportunity to have an enormous brand like Target bring us in to give feedback and help develop future collections. 

The energy was amazing, and the buzz was clear: even if AVA & VIV isn't your personal style, we'd all (journalists, bloggers, shoppers who took to social media to have their voice heard) contributed to an ongoing change that has made progress in a big way, and we're succeeding at creating more options in the plus-size market. (More on this below). 

I was so excited about the event, that I even splurged on getting my hair and makeup done by Glamsquad, which made for a great excuse to indulge in the act of taking selfies with my friends at the party -- the photographer caught a candid of me mid-selfie, HA! 

Because there's been a lot of misinformation, I wanted to take the opportunity to address a couple things I've responded to via Twitter and Instagram comments. We were brought in as consultants for the AVA & VIV line in December, long after the collection had been in development, design, and production was well underway. Still, the team at Target was very eager to get our opinions and feedback, and we were all pretty blunt to share what we were excited about but also what we never want to see again in plus-size departments. Still, I think this is enormous progress and a huge step in the right direction - plus what we've seen so far from Fall looks amazing (and 100% consistent with my personal style), and will probably be even better once our pointed feedback (and yours!) has a chance to make it back to the drawing board before production starts. One of my goals in working in the plus-size market has always been for there to be more options across the board. Sometimes that means that not every collection, every brand, or every line will cater to my personal style needs - but I know that more options means someone else's style needs are being met. And for the record, there are quite a few AVA & VIV pieces I love and can't wait to wear in my real life - the black and white striped tulip skirt, the joggers, the striped eyelet tops, the distressed denim, the black and white printed pants, and I love the blazers! Plus, did you see those adorable printed bikinis? Yes, please! That we can now walk into a store and try things on is enormously exciting, (another thing I keep seeing falsely reported is that this will only be online - wrong! The collection will have devoted in-store selection in all sizes!) 

The launch event was the perfect way to kick off a partnership with the team at Target and celebrate their hard work and progress. You have to trust me when I say that the people behind the brand are some of the most passionate, hard working people I've ever met in this business, and they are completely committed to getting it right. I'm back in sunny LA now, but celebrating this collection with panoramic views of New York City made for a personal highlight in my life. 

This post is part of an ongoing partnership with Target
All content and opinions are my own. 


  1. Love this post and your perspective! I really appreciate the impact you established bloggers made by taking a stand, using your hard-earned influence. Thank you, and I will be buying from this collection (I am SO ready for that jumpsuit!)

  2. I actually saw some of the collection out in my local target last night, and of course had to buy a piece. Ladies, they actually situated it BEFORE the maternity section. I actually kinda felt bad that the maternity section gets stuffed back in the sad little corner - I think Target needs to figure out how to lay out that back section a little better, but that's beside the point. There was a full display out in front of the plus section, with a mannequin dressed in an outfit and an eye-catching fabric hanging behind. While it was very clear that it was still in transition, it looked as though the space allotted for this collection will be pretty sizable. Also, the clothing seemed to run a bit bigger than the Pure Energy line, which, along with their other previous plus lines, seemed to be being phased out and marked for clearance on the most part.

  3. Think I said it all in your last post but brilliant.

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    আয় করতে চান ? তাহলে
    সাইন আপ করুন।

  5. So cool & amazing posts


  6. wow. this looks absolutely great and love the pieces I can spot


  7. Thank you so much Sarah! You've been so supportive and it's been great to have you in our corner :)

  8. Yeah! There are some really great pieces throughout the collection, plus REALLY affordable staples (I personally love the array of colors available in their t-shirts).

  9. It's so exciting to hear from people who have already seen the collection pop-up in their local stores! I haven't seen it merchandised in store yet, but I'm SO happy to hear AVA & VIV is getting put front and center. So great! I'm excited to see the rest of the pieces trickle out, too.


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