March 26, 2015

{STYLE} Cactus Flower

I know I keep going on and on about my newly bicoastal life, but... it's just been giving me so much inspiration lately! I'm falling in love with LA all over again with a fresh set of eyes (living in a city as an independent adult is very different than inheriting your parents' likes and dislikes as a child), and just as soon as I've discovered something amazing I'm back in NYC falling in love with everything there, again, too. It's been completely spiritually invigorating even though it has also been exhausting, (no, really; I was in NY last week and it was one of the most brutal weeks of my life)! I've found a sort of balanced chaos that completely suits this stage in my life - one that is full of transition, excitement, and newness, and I can't imagine two better cities to act as the backdrop for all of these experiences.

I'm still figuring out what my "LA style" is, exactly. Fashion in LA is remarkably different than it is in NY. It's more relaxed and casual (unless you're rolling down a few particular blocks in Beverly Hills), and the always-close-to-perfect weather means there's definitely less emphasis on practicality. That's something that lends itself nicely to the approach to shoes, too! Not only are sandals perfect about 80% of the year, but more driving and less walking* means I can get away with heels that are just a little bit higher. And damn, do I like it. 

This dress (from the Zelie for She's True Love collection) was a no-brainer for me and my newly minted west coast life. It's simple and casual, but the wrap-around-the-waist detail gives the dress a little extra shape and intrigue. I've swooned about Zelie for She before, and if you haven't already checked out this woman-owned, based-in-LA brand -- run, don't walk. All of her collections are made in a limited batch and always sell out. Wearing it with my new favorite heeled sandals (yes, I confess to buying them in a second colorway, too...), bucket bag, and a killer cactus flower necklace from my favorite costume jewelry brand Lulu Frost made it the perfect look to get around town on a sunny afternoon.

*I'm actually still walking a lot. One of my dealbreakers was being in a neighborhood that was too residential; I've spent way too long in NYC to go from the convenience of leaving my apartment and having everything within a 7-block radius to relying on a car to accomplish anything. All the essentials are still steps away from our new home - restaurants, grocery stores, great bars, coffee shops, shopping (yikes)...

My style has, in part, always been influenced by my surroundings... I wonder where it will take me next! 


  1. I need to get my hands on a bucket bag, stat. Coming from a girl who strictly carries crossbody bags, I figure it's close enough! Also, this is probably going to sound really creepy of me, but I love putting a voice to a face and your snapchats have been so fun to watch and listen to :)

    26 and Not Counting

  2. well if you get tired of your NY clothes, send them over to me hehehe. Love this laid back look though.

  3. Bicoastal life sounds tiring but awesome! PS Your hair is looking amazing

  4. Looking great my love. LA suits you. I love your necklace 😘😘😘 I am ready to take over whenever you are over it 😉😉

  5. Where are you in LA? I am, too, so I'm always curious. Having lived in many different neighborhoods here, I know from experience that sometimes you get lucky and things are within walking distance, but also sometimes you don't.


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