March 10, 2015

{INTERIORS} Hollywood Home Inspiration

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I've always been pretty obsessed with interiors (did I tell you about the time I thought I'd pursue architecture?), but ever since I knew I'd be going bicoastal and needing to find a new place in LA, my obsession has gone next level - and reached nearly full-time job status (except, you know, without getting paid for it). Even though my sister is an interior designer and both my parents work in adjacent fields, I've been going at my new venture in designing my LA home virtually solo - (with Ali's stamp of approval and an occasional thumbs up/down from the fam, of course). Being in an environment that visually inspires me is so vital to my mental wellbeing and my creativity that doing this right is a major priority! 

Because I feel like I'm approaching a new chapter in my life right now, with our wedding around the corner, and my work life and after-hours lifestyle changing rapidly, I'm also approaching my new home with a really different perspective. When I moved into my place in Brooklyn, I was still pretty fresh out of college, and in the beginning stages of my career and my first full-time, post-grad job as a design strategist. I cared about the look of the furniture I bought, but I was still using pieces I bought as a sophomore in college and filled in the gaps with inexpensive (and often disposable) furniture that I knew had a shorter lifespan. Now, I'm more interested in investing in some quality, classic styles that have stood the test of time  - literally. Classic chesterfield sofas (I fell in love with the custom options available at COCOCO), classic light fixtures, wingback bedframes, and silhouettes that harken the Hollywood Regency era - which feels especially apropos as we're now in Hollywood. I first thought we would jump at bright colors and patterns for our large furniture items, but instead we're now planning on injecting color, patterns, and trends in more easily changeable ways -- a great coat of paint, a splashy removable wallpaper, interchangeable artwork, and all of the great home accessories. After all, it's a lot easier to add a new coat of paint or replace a set of throw-pillows than it is to refurnish an entire room. 

Image Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

As much as I'm tempted to rush to furnish our home so that it feels "done" sooner than later, I know taking a slow, thoughtful approach in order to invest in and curate my home with the right items will create much greater longterm satisfaction. And, honestly, (temporarily) living in a home completely devoid of clutter is giving me some much needed clarity... though it would be nice to have some additional places to sit! 

I'm finding design inspiration from some of my favorite hotels - like the Beverly Hills Hotelx and The Parker Palm Springs, as well as great interiors sites and magazines like Domaine and Domino. Sites like One Kings Lane and Joss & Main have also become daily destinations, and I'm just waiting to load one of their flash sales to find the perfect dining table. It has yet to happen but I'll know it when I see it! 

Where do you look to for home and interiors inspiration? 


  1. After seeing this post, I've never wanted to paint my walls pink more than I do now. Off the top of my head, I love Joss & Main, Houzz, West Elm, Lulu & Georgia, Urban Outfitter for home décor inspiration/shopping.

  2. Love the wallpaper in the first image!


  3. we moved into a new place in december and my decor obsession has taken on a new life as well. and while i know we will only be here a year or so, i am buying pieces that i know i can take with me to my next home and still love them there as well. i am a z gallerie girl which is where my desk and sofa are from and i also spend countless hours on domaine

  4. I want it all <3 Can't wait to meet ya tomorrow :)


  5. I just discovered you .. and you are awesome...

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  9. Hammock Photos? What a great idea! You are glowing gorgeously.

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