May 1, 2015

{STYLE} Pink is a Neutral

Oh, the many odes to pink I've written on this here blog... A lot has changed about me over the past 29-years of my life, but one thing that has remained consistent is my unabashed love for pink. I've had the privilege of working with a number of great brands over the years - and one of my favorite teams to work with are the people at Addition Elle. Not only are they kind, creative, and create rad collections (including their jaw-droppingly-gorgeous lingerie line with Ashley Graham) - but more recently I'm convinced they're actually making the clothes for me, (remember this outfit??). Obviously, that's a bit of a stretch - but they nail down my style so well that it certainly gives me a moment to pause and be grateful that I can find things that speak to me so well. 

As we inch towards summer, my wishlist from Addition Elle is growing tenfold -- I'm loving the sporty vibe of this short sleeve mesh hoodie and this graphic pop-art inspired bodycon! Summer is seriously around the corner... Whoa. Where do the days go? 

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  1. I think I would be happy with a wardrobe comprised of 75% of pink hehe. I love that jacket so much - it looks so gorgeous on you! <3

  2. I agree...a large percentage should be dedicated to pink! I wear pinks any season. If it's not in, even better because it makes me stand out... lol

  3. I'm with you in believing pink to be a neutral! You're making me want to run out to Addition Elle to grab that jacket - it's to die for!!

  4. very nice!


  5. I am completely in love with the new Adition-elle collection, I would just buy everything. The outfit you put together is seriously cool, I like the soft rocker style it gives you :)



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