June 23, 2015

{STYLE} Post Wedding Blues

Skirt by ASOS, Top by Eloquii (bargain alert! Currently just $16), Shoes by Kate Spade (Get an extra 25% off sale with code "SETSALE"), Clutch by Edie Parker, Sunglasses by Illesteva

Post wedding depression is a real thing... and I know this because I googled "post-wedding" and it autofilled with "post-wedding blues" and "post-wedding depression," and news articles with titles like Post-Wedding Depression is a Real Thing populated my page. I'm feeling a little validated that this sudden low-energy slump after an incredible month of our dream wedding, immediate bliss, and a 12-day honeymoon adventure through Japan is par for the course. After such a high-high, it seems pretty logical that normal, everyday life would feel a little meh, but I'm trying my hardest to keep spirits high, stay ridiculously busy (truly, I have never had a taller mountain of work in my lifetime), and start thinking of new plans to have on our calendars to look forward towards. 

On a small scale, I'm trying to have fun with my outfits - playing with slightly dressier silhouettes that make me feel amazing. Dressing up is adding a little extra pep into what have been super-busy work days, (stripe skirt day, above? I had six different meetings and conference calls across different parts of LA... and it was wonderful, because my skirt twirled when I spun around).

And now, I'm looking forward: I'm finding that it is imperative to have something big and exciting on the horizon, so we're looking forward to spending more time decorating and furnishing our new home in LA, and starting to wrap our minds around a smaller trip in the next few months (Portland, OR? Napa Valley? Nashville?) In the meantime, twirly skirts and dresses and a lingering honeymoon-period (because looking back on our photos and reveling in our Japan trip gives a major boost of endorphins) will do. 



  1. That skirt looks so good on you! :D I love the fit! :D

  2. My Post-Wedding blues were mostly in the form of guilt---everyone was so wonderful and supportive and I didn't get a chance to spend time with all of them individually! And of course I missed the getting dressed up and feeling extra-special part. I agree that having something on the horizon helps. We didn't take our honeymoon until two months after the wedding. Best. Idea. Evar.

    Also, cute outfits help.


  3. Are you going to be putting together or attending any style events (plus size or otherwise) in L.A.? I ask because I'm in L.A. and I love meeting some of my style icons. I promise I'm not a crazy stalker!

  4. I'm suffering of pot-wedding blues too... Not mine, though. My best friends got married last weekend and now we are all missing the preparations and the huge party! Oh I loooooooooove weddings!
    Your outfit is gorgeous! ;)

  5. I absolutely love this silhouette on curvy women- it looks fantastic. I actually just sewed myself a similar shaped skirt in a plaid which I also twirl around town in. http://www.cashmerette.com/2015/06/b5929_sewaholic_renfrew.html

    I'm sorry to hear you're a little post-wedding-blues but it sounds like you have good plans in place!

  6. Gorgeous outfit! I love how chic it is!

  7. Such a twirl-worthy skirt! So pretty!
    XO Color Me Courtney

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  9. Lovely outfit - truly jealous I do not have it in my wardrobe right now!

    I did not suffere from post-wedding blues as we just got married in the local courthouse and caried on with our day ... but I then spent years apart from the husband as we were in an LDR, so that may count as a form of it as I missed him so badly and it was a really horrible time!

  10. Such a fun-loving look. Love yr blog!


  11. looking great post -wedding! Japan...photos...oh my..

  12. The clutch + shoes are to DIE FOR! Very fitting considering the most recent supreme court decision :)

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  13. looking gorge, your bag is beautiful!



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