August 24, 2015

{STYLE} The Tulle Project with eloquii

I’ve always loved the ethereal, feminine feel of a tulle skirt — they’ve been one of my wardrobe staples for as long as I can remember, and when it came to working with Christian Siriano on my wedding dress, there was no question that I’d of course be wearing a tulle skirt as part of my gown. When eloquii told me that they were launching a line of tulle skirts (in an array of gorgeous colors - from white and black to hot pink and neon yellow), I was thrilled, but when eloquii’s creative director, Jodi, called me up to ask if I’d be interested in DIYing one, I was even more excited.

I received a white tulle skirt in the mail, and immediately knew how I wanted to bring it to life; my wedding dress is easily my most favorite thing I’ve ever worn in my life, so I wanted to create a low-key, everyday skirt version of my wedding gown - borrowing some of the hand beading techniques that I observed from Christian. I went to multiple bead and trim shops in search of the perfect embellishments, and ended up acquiring an array of glass cut and swarovski crystals and rhinestones, applying them with a subtle cascade effect to my skirt. It was painstaking, but I’m so in love with the outcome! 

Best of all, eloquii has decided that each skirt - DIYed by myself, Mo from The Lion Hunter, Margie from Margie Plus, Rochelle from Beauticurve, and by the eloquii team, will each be auctioned off to the charity of our choice - and with the listing comes our one-of-a-kind skirts and a $250 gift card to shop at eloquii! I chose to auction my skirt to benefit The Step Up Women’s Network, an organization that I’ve worked with before and whose mission I love - to work directly with young women on tapping into their full potential and achieving their goals through mentorship and after-school programs. I love how all the skirts turned out - and I’m so excited to be able to share them with you guys after several weeks of collaboration with the eloquii team. They’re all uniquely gorgeous - I love how Mo brought her love for patterns into her tulle skirt by layering stripes under the tulle, and how Margie brought her incredible, grand personality to her skirt by turning herself into a real-life Barbie Doll, and how Rochelle’s skirt brought her signature femininity and colorful aesthetic to the table. 

Anyways, if you’re hoping to bid on the skirt (and please do), know that you’ve got some competition — from me. I really fell in love with the process and the final product, and am so grateful to eloquii for the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for SUWN. 

Thank you to eloquii for sponsoring this project and providing my tulle skirt.

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