October 16, 2015

{STYLE} The Fashion Rules

If there's one thing that everyone who knows me will unequivocally agree on, besides my love of pink and pugs, it's that I absolutely hate being told what to do. I always have. It's not much of a surprise that I've bucked up against most of the fashion do's-and-don'ts, the rules of "dressing for your shape," and what colors you can wear at what times of the year. Oversized dresses? Yes. Stripes? Yes. Fluffy, chunky, "bulky" coats and outerwear? Hell yes. Wearing white far after labor day on what is absolutely a non-sample-size body? A take-that, I-hate-your-rules double-whammy. I'm not positive on the origins of the stuffy, No-White-After-The-First-Week-of-September rule, but I do know that the effects of global climate change have absolutely shifted the seasons, so if once September 4th marked the beginning of autumn, our impact on the climate has bought us a couple more months of shorter hemlines, lights & brights, and even sandals, (shoutout to my friend Tyler who snapped a pic of flip-flops... in New York... in mid-October).

And regardless of color (you may remember I obsessed over this dress in black last fall), the cape dress is a silhouette that I love - and that I hope is here to stay. 

Photos by Sylvia G.

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