November 25, 2015

{STYLE} Blue Jean Baby

I've never really been a jeans-and-sneakers kind of girl, but I totally get why people are: when my new jeans from slink arrived, I slipped them on with my brand-spanking-new converse, and instantly thought to myself, "whoa, is this how comfortable people feel all the time?" I've definitely been one to sacrifice comfort for the sake of fashion over the years, but that need to suffer for a great pair of shoes has been slowing down.

As I prep for Thanksgiving (Ali's first Thanksgiving with my family, and my first Thanksgiving since my celiac diagnosis), trying to find good gluten-free versions of some of my favorites, catching up on work, and, if we're being completely honest - clicking through some of the season's best sales (net-a-porter's bi-annual sale, in particular), and battling a pesky, stubborn cough that does not want to go away, comfort is king.

I hope those of you who celebrate have a wonderful, restful, and calm Thanksgiving! And if family drama starts to get to you, take a nod from SNL and play some Adele. It'll shut everyone right up. 

I know, this is kind of an odd pic, but I wanted to show some of the details on the jeans. The logo is embossed onto a leather patch! 

Photos by Sylvia G.

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