November 24, 2015

{STYLE} Holiday Statements

I know, I know... I was just talking about my appreciation of low-key, no-frills, non-fussy fashion, but if there's one thing I'll go all out fussy for, it's holiday sparkle. Yup, we're fast approaching that time of year when my magpie sensibilities hit full-throttle. Glitter? Yes, please. Sequins? Of course. Faux fur? WHY NOT??!?!? If I can seize just a handful of days a year (a couple holiday parties, new years eve, my birthday), to embrace a little bit of over-the-top cheesiness, gosh darnit, I'm going to do it unapologetically.

I first spotted this dress on twitter (yes, twitter), and pulled the trigger almost immediately, and was so glad I did when it sold out in just a couple of days... But fortunately for you, if you so wish to join me in sparkly-stripe-sisterhood, it has been restocked. Shine on, pretties. 

 Photos by Sylvia G


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