January 7, 2016

{STYLE} New Year, Same Me


After ringing in the new year in a sheer, sequined dress (available at ASOS), at my home in the company of my parents and some of my best friends (with many missing who I wish I could have imported from across the globe & even across town in Los Angeles), Ali, Brad, Christian and myself loaded up my little compact car (relevant because we're all clotheshorses and it was a tight squeeze) and headed down to Palm Springs for the weekend. It was pretty perfect that the New Year landed itself on a long weekend, so we could take advantage of the holiday and extend the time to get "back to reality." Of course, it also makes the getting back to reality thing a bit more of a challenge. I don't remember ever needed so long to mentally get back into the swing of things! 

I've definitely written about my love for Palm Springs and the desert ad nauseam, but with each visit my love grows deeper. Something about visiting in the winter, too, and meeting the cold air of the night in a hot tub while looking up at the stars (unlike in LA or NY, we could actually see entire constellations) and the mountains made that pretty city even more special. We stayed in a house that the boys found on AirBnB, but still made a point to visit one of my favorite places in the world: The Parker! 


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