January 12, 2016

Getting Sporty with Wacoal Sport

Just over two years ago, I took my first barre class at Pure Barre in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - and finally felt like I found my workout. Sure, I'd always maintained a loose routine of going to the gym, and it made me feel good, but it wasn't something I loved or considered a hobby. After doing a series of many different classes (rowing, circuit training, yoga, pilates, spinning - I took full advantage of my classpass membership), barre was the one that made me feel the best - and that made me instantly crave more. I've kept up with barre consistently for the last two years, and in LA have found a home at Pop Physique (I did my first class there just a few weeks ago and have been practically every day since). Of course, with this new hobby, comes a greater need to amp-up my athletic apparel wardrobe, and alongside my arsenal of form fitting leggings, tank tops, and grippy socks, was an even greater need: sports bras. 

I'm embarrassed to admit that even with my access to all the great full-figure lingerie out there, with my newly frequent workout routine, I was wearing regular bras to fill out my athletic wardrobe. In a crunch that is fine, but now that I've been refit for the right sports bra, whoa does it make a difference - even for a low impact sport like barre! I had a fitting with Wacoal at Nordstrom in West LA (their Retro Chic lace style is one of my favorites for everyday wear), and walked away with a few of their sleek, new sports bras

The most significant difference between these and every other sports bra I've ever worn? The underwire is on the outside of the bra - a subtle design difference that I immediately noticed made a world of change as far as comfort goes, (they say it's to minimize chaffing, which, let's be honest, is a real thing). By the way - if you haven't worn a sports bra with an underwire, it is a huge upgrade from the standard racerback boob-tubes we grew up with. There are also chic, full bust styles that are wire free that actually provide support and contour.  The strap adjusters also sit over another layer of fabric, rather than directly on the skin, which is something I honestly didn't even realize I needed in my life, and are convertible to both racerback and halter styles.  It almost makes me feel like I could go running; my fellow large-busted ladies will likely share my grief over the idea of running... but I really do feel like I'm a step closer to feeling good about it!

Beyond comfort, (and I cannot stress the comfort of this Wacoal style enough), the benefits of the right bra (especially sports bra) are pretty significant; proper fit takes the weight of support off of your shoulders and onto the bra, relieving you of back and shoulder pain. Beyond that, with the right bra, I stand straighter and taller, meaning I can get even more out of my deep stretches, pliés, and relevés. At a 36H, having great lingerie and supportive bras is essential to me, and I love that this style ranges in size from a 32-42 band, C-H cup! 

Back to the barre -- so many people have asked me about my experience with barre classes and boutique fitness in general. The moment I stopped equating any kind of gym-time with "results" was more or less the moment I allowed myself to really enjoy my workouts for what they are: a time to disconnect, meditate, and do something that makes me feel really, really good. I loved reading Gabi's recent interview on The Coveteur on health and wellness; so many of her own views resonated with my own. Once I got over the initial intimidation (and incredibly sore muscles,) I really started to own and love my time in the studio. At first glance, I was really, really anxious about the waifish blondes that seemed to surround me in every class - but as I've gone over the last two years, it's been proven to me, now more than ever, that no matter the body type, every person in each class has a point of weakness or personal threshold where they start to struggle - but for me personally, what matters is that I feel stronger from one class to the next. There's also a bit of trial and error, and what workouts fit one person may not be the same for the next! I expected myself to love rowing, and while it gave me a great physical workout, it was not something that made me feel as centered or relaxed as I was hoping to find. I'm just so relieved to have found something that consistently makes me feel amazing- and to have the wardrobe to continue enjoying it, too. 

Thank you to Wacoal for sponsoring this post.
All content and opinions are my own. 

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