April 29, 2016

{STYLE} The Romantic

I think one of the most fun things about being a newly-wed (it hasn't been a year, yet, so it's still "new," right?) is continuing to go on dates and finding fun activities and hobbies to enjoy together. It's so easy to default to all our time together just being there - but carving out intentional, focused time to enjoy each other's company has 100% been the key to keeping things exciting, fresh, and moving forward. In so many of my past relationships - we somehow counted existing in the same space as "time together" - but trust me, it's not, and in subsequent dating experiences and especially in my relationship with Ali, continuing to date years into being together is essential to our happiness. And so for all the eye-rolling I once did towards "date night," I get it now. While we definitely have our list of favorite places we hit up regularly (Petty Cash in LA, Cafe Mogador in NY, LACMA and the Brooklyn Museum), we love going out together and finding something new-to-us, and sometimes planning out a fresh outfit for the occasion makes it all the more special - yes, even if we're getting ready in the same space.

Super high-necklines aren't generally my go-to, but seeing this top in the perfect shade of pink ignited an immediate need - and one that felt appropriate for our commitment to date-nights. Pairing with the boots I've worn to death (I told you it would be hard for me to let them go!) and a skirt thats been in heavy rotation since early fall was a winning combination. 


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