June 6, 2016

{STYLE} Embroidered

Officially, I feel the way about Alessandro Michele's Gucci as I did about Miu Miu circa 2009: the collection has a clear sense of humor, it's beautiful, and inspires mixing and matching of old and new, (monograms not required), and I'm completely enamored by all of it.  Guys, did you see the resort show?! In a weird way, I've sort of missed the feeling of obsession that was inspired by fashion throughout various points in my life - the kind that would embolden me to study, to question (Staffordshire dog sculptures, why? but also, why not?), and to seek it out with serious determination (I tried oh-so-hard to get my hands on a limited edition book created exclusively for Dover Street Market). Fashion has, of course, always been one of my major loves - but there have been moments my love has creeped up into the territory of, well, fixation, which has inspired me to revisit the entirety of fashion with a new perspective, (I'm getting vague, but, trust me: big ideas are brewing).  

So after much deliberation, I set my heart on a pair of embroidered sneakers (major splurge, but one that was also a belated 30th birthday present to myself) touched by Alessandro's vision - and looked elsewhere to satiate my mix-and-match-and-embroidered cravings. It's convenient for me that much of the fashion world is equally obsessed with Alessandro's new vision for Gucci - and so pretty embroidered pieces, some directly inspired by the latest industry darling and others by other cultures (like colorful Mexican Otomi and Japanese Nuido, where, no doubt, Michele is getting much of his own inspiration), have cropped up across the marketplace - high and low.  Much as I would love to be Beyonce (or Blue Ivy, to be honest), we can't all have head-to-toe Gucci. However, if you are, indeed, Beyonce, then I recommend this jacket.

Photos by Sylvia Gunde


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