June 22, 2016

{STYLE} Slipped

I can't. stop. wearing. slip dresses! Maybe because the temperature has climbed up to the triple-digits, such that the heat makes wearing virtually anything else merely aspirational (yes, I've even finally gotten to a point where I've been forced -  forced - to ditch my leather jacket), but I've been wearing iterations of the slip dress (especially this one) on major repeat for the last few weeks. I'm not exaggerating: I bought exactly 5 of this dress. One had already perished in a fateful standoff with a piece of jewelry when I decided to purchase the back-ups. A second got in a late-night fight with humidity, a pair of scissors impulsively bought at 10th Avenue Duane Reade, and one-too-many tequilas on an empty stomach. Apparently, this is all it takes for you and your BFF to spontaneously decide that cutting your dress in half, outside the oldest remaining lesbian bar in New York City, is a good great idea, (spoiler alert: it was a pretty bad idea, and the satin unraveled into a very un-chic mess throughout the course of the night). Fortunately, there are three more on stand-by, as the answers to my "Why Can't I Find One of The Reformation's Sassy Slip Dresses in My Size?" prayers.

Well, here we go. Summer of slip dresses. I may or may not have purchased this literal slip (notedly not a "slip dress") to wear, as well. 

Photos by Sylvia Gunde 


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