July 20, 2016

{STYLE} Party Time

I think we can all agree that the weight of the world has been resting on many of our shoulders, lately. Every day it seems we wake up to breaking news coverage that feels absolutely devastating. It's so important for me to stay current on world events and be informed on what's happening globally, but it has been equally important for my mental health to find pockets of time where I can escape, celebrate, and appreciate all the good in my own life. And there have been really, really great moments, lately. I've been lucky to celebrate birthdays with friends and family, bachelor parties, and the wedding of two of my best friends. There have been nights out for dancing, and early mornings up to enjoy the locals farmers markets and museums and galleries in my two favorite cities. Dressing up to celebrate life and enjoy a bit of a party, sometimes, makes it easier to get up out of bed and take on the day.

And while I hardly need an excuse to dress up, I love finding reasons to wear something extra festive. SimplyBe put me and a host of other beauties (Curvy Girl Chic, Hayet Rida, Beauticurve, and Style Plus Curves) to task to each style dresses from their summer collection, and I couldn't resist this sparkly number to show off my party-loving style. It's a rainbow iridescent sequin tee dress that gives off a rainbow sheen as you move or dance your way through life, (as I do quite often, if we're being honest!) 

Has fashion been a serious form of escapism for any of you? I'd love to hear how you're celebrating the good parts of life through your wardrobe (or not!) 


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