August 11, 2016

{STYLE} Americana

I love the olympics. It's been a long time since I played any kind of sport competitively (like, since high school - because neither by barre classes or occasional hop onto a spin bike are remotely competitive), but I feel so invigorated by the sheer excellence, discipline, and talent of the athletes that convene from all around the globe. In spite of the many controversies leading up to and around the Rio Olympics, it's been an absolute delight to spend a portion of each night fawning over the expertise of the US Olympians. I swam competitively and played waterpolo, so cheering on Katie Ledecky feels totally second-nature, but I've also become mildly obsessed with the incredible US womens' gymnastic team. I'm pretty sure there's nothing that I am capable of doing even a fraction as good as Simone Biles can do her floor routine. It's just... truly stunning to see such strength and talent across the board. USA Olympians, I'm proud of you! 

So, I've been channeling an iota of my enthusiasm for American Athletes into my wardrobe. Red, white, and blue is rarely my color palette, but I'm really coming around to the idea that my entire life doesn't have to be combination of pink-black-and-white. Then again, I think I've said that before... 

Photos by Sylvia Gunde
Wearing ASOS Varisty Tipped Tunic, ASOS Wide Leg Jeans, Edie Parker Trunk, Miu Miu Noir Sunglasses, Assorted Bracelets from Bauble BarMarais USA "Jardin Heels" (these are currently available for pre-order, which is how I snagged them, too. Each pre-order has sold out so I highly recommend getting on the bandwagon quickly if you're interested!) 

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