August 10, 2016

{STYLE} At Home with Olga Intimates

When I think back to my early experiences in bra-wearing, I cringe at the thought of my tween self navigating the "lingerie" market. I felt so awkward in my body; at just 11-years-old I had the chest of someone much older, all while I was still literally playing with Barbie dolls. I hated my chest and while my friends got to wear cute, whimsical training bras with ditzy floral patterns, in pastel pinks and pale yellows, I managed to skip that stage entirely and was catapulted straight into orthopedic style bras. It was hard not to feel ashamed and embarrassed, rather than proud of the body I would evolve into. I felt so physically uncomfortable for years, and while it's something I've written about extensively since, I still look back at that turning point just several years ago where I finally found beautiful bras in my size as a major pivot with how I approached my body image as a whole.

Yes, I've described myself as a bra-evangelist on more than one occasion, but with good reason: it's all great and good to love your style and use that as a manifestation of your positive self-image, but what happens when the clothes come off? The foundations of my wardrobe - a great arsenal of bras, knickers, and a rotating cast of silhouettes that complements different outfits and moods, have become as important as my external wardrobe. As more intimates lines crop up and overhaul their creative approach, my lingerie drawer(s) in my wardrobe continue to grow with an exciting array of options. The most recent additions come from Olga, one of the OG intimates-purveyors from my early adventures in bra-wearing - and they've come a long way stylistically since my pre-Bat-Mitzvah introduction. The Olga Flirty line has staple silhouettes in modern finishes, with leopard print, lace, and plunge-necklines that are as sexy as they are comfortable.

Some notes on the sizing and overall fit: the collection is available in 38-46" band sizes, and C-H cup sizes, with matching bottoms available in a L-4XL, (note, the larger cup and band sizes are available in the Balconette style and the Unlined Underwire, just click "show more" on the product page next to the listed sizes). I normally wear a 36H, so I was unsure how these would fit, but I fit into the 38DDD in this line. The unlined bras fit a bit more generously in the cup, while the lined bras like the deep plunge, which has a nice, cushioned (but not super padded) cup, fits a little more snug in the bust. The straps are durable and comfortable without being wide, and the band has a 3-hook closure. The plunge bras are definitely designed with cleavage in mind, while the unlined bra has a more natural look. All the bras are priced at $45, with the matching bottom at $12.50.

I know for lots of us bigger-busted individuals, finding bras at all can be a challenge - but I'm so happy there aren't just one-or-two brands for me to rely on anymore, but plenty of real, beautiful options. Strides, baby.



Thank you to Olga Intimates #FearlesslyFlirty for sponsoring this post.

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