September 16, 2016

{STYLE} Lemonade

If you were following along on Instagram, you may have already caught a quick glimpse of this gorgeous printed set from my trip to Greece to celebrate Gabi's 30th birthday. I absolutely love it, and it is so comfortable, lightweight, and fun that it made for a perfect travel look for the greek islands, (coincidentally, Lydia packed and brought the same set with her!)

This will probably be the first of several Santorini posts, but it's warranted as this ended up being one of the best trips of my life. Of course, being in Santorini, it's gorgeous coasts and temperate weather (it reminded me a lot of Southern California in that respect), was a big part of the equation, but more significantly, being with a group of 14 strong, empowered, and loving women who consistently uplifted one another was honestly a life changing experience. We spent our days exploring different parts of Santorini; we stayed in Pyrgos, and ventured out to Fira and Oia for the gorgeous views, a sunset cruise, shopping (the linens, you guys!), and snorkeling in those bright, clear cerulean waters. We ate the most amazing, fresh foods - the best tomatoes I've ever had, fresh feta, dolmadas, and delicious seafood seasoned with fragrant saffron, (which, honestly, is also a summary of the only foods I've wanted to eat since getting home). But truly, what made it all so special was having down time together, singing and dancing and talking about our personal breakthroughs, sharing each of our unique experiences and the times we've faced adversity (we all come from very different backgrounds), and building intentions for the year ahead. And to do that all while being in a gorgeous city, wearing a delightful lemon print? I mean, it's postcard perfect. #gabithreezero forever.

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