October 18, 2016

{STYLE} Still Here

I sometimes feel at odds with the idea that the image I project through social media and through photos is not completely consistent with how I'm feeling or what I'm going through. I want to be totally transparent, but there's something about sharing your vulnerabilities that is completely overwhelming at times, even for a person with a history of oversharing. I think a lot about the responsibility I bear when social media is blamed for making people feel inadequate at times, how it can be such an easy tool for comparison, when I often appear like I've Got Everything Together (and sometimes, I do, but not always. No one does). This can definitely feel a little complicated when a big part of your job is to be a person on the internet.

So, the honest truth: I've being going through a period of growth and challenge, and some days have been harder than others. I'm working hard on being the best version of me, and part of that process has been living in the quiet online, and being exceptionally present with my friends and family IRL. Even in the darkest days in my recent history, I've learned a lot of really positive things about myself, like that I'm actually really good at taking care of other people, and I care deeply and passionately about making the world a better and safer place. But right now, I'm trying to take care of me in the best ways I know how. 
Some days self-care looks like taking care of the people around me, and other days it looks like pouring myself and my energy into my work. I'm definitely Type-A, and like to take care of everything, but there are moments where asking for help and support are actually the strongest, most alpha thing a person can do.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens


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