November 7, 2016

{STYLE} Faux Fur Season

I totally swooned over this coat after seeing my work wife/bestie Gabi wearing it in SimplyBe's Winter campaign, (seriously, watch the commercial. Gabi and Iskra are so cute). Of course, I didn't expect that faux fur season (love it as I do) would arrive quite as quickly as it did. I arrived back in New York on what was an 80-degree day, and literally overnight the temperature dropped down to mid-50s, then even lower in nights that followed. Since then, the weather has been yo-yo-ing up and down and confusing me and my wardrobe, but I'm reveling in this balmy autumn weather and the opportunity to wear my coziest pieces while out in the city.

I still revel in the changing of seasons and the chance to layer up in warm, fuzzy pieces. I still romanticize the crisp air in the mornings and the way the leaves change colors; it was something I rarely experienced growing up in Los Angeles. But -- I definitely do not enjoy the seasonal affective disorder that comes with the shorter, darker days and colder weather.  Call me superficial, but seriously: putting a little extra effort into looking cute actually helps me feel a lot better when the weather starts to get to me. Besides the great, (faux) furry outerwear, I've been living in more form-fitting black dresses lately (highly visible all across my instagram feed) and this stretchy, midi, ribbed situation fits the bill.

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