November 28, 2016

{STYLE} Sunglass Fiend

It's hard to believe we're officially in the midst of the "holidays," in a year that has been so full of... everything. I know the rational reasons why time moves faster as we get older, how each 365-day stretch of time feels shorter relative to how long we've been living, but this year has actually been non-stop. It's been non-stop growth, challenge, grief, surprise, shock, career changes. So, squeezing in a quick trip to New York last week, in what has felt like an especially difficult few weeks, was a ray of sunshine - even if it was cold and overcast! 

I had so much fun working with my friend Andrew Bevan, Teen Vogue's Style Director, who is a literal delight and always makes me feel good about all the many wonderful people who work in the fashion industry, on a Facebook Livestream for Sunglass Hut. We shared some funny stories, back and forth witticisms, and reveled in guest appearances from my friend Courtney Kerr - all while chatting about the power of sunglasses. The last part might sound sarcastic, but I'm serious: growing up in southern California, I was taught the importance of protecting my eyes from the sun from a very early age, and as I've gotten older, they've become a powerful and transformational part of my style. Plus, in a year that has been as busy and anxiety-filled as this one, a great pair of oversized sunnies does a brilliant job hiding my often puffy-and-underslept eyes. Accessories: not just for looking fab. 

I did, of course, do a little bit of shopping courtesy of Sunglass Hut, and nabbed the dressed-up version of my stand-by Miu Miu's,  an amazing pair of gold, mirrored Chanel glasses, and swooned over this Prada pair. If you didn't get to catch the livestream, you can rewatch it here, and there's still time to take advantage of the amazing holiday deals that Sunglass Hut is offering right now (like up to 60% off styles that never-go-on-sale, including these classic Ray Ban Clubmasters). 



This post and my appearance on Sunglass Hut's FB Live were sponsored by Sunglass Hut.
All content and opinions are my own. 

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