December 22, 2016

{BEAUTY} Multi-Masking on the Go

As travel has become a huge part of my work life, one might expect that I've become an expert at packing, consolidating my toiletries, and fitting all my necessities into a neatly-organized carry-on, but this is far from my personal truth. I really do envy people who have turned traveling light into an art form (my friend Hitha is exceptionally good at this), but I'm constantly struggling with narrowing down my skincare and cosmetics to just-the-essentials and deciding which shoes to bring on a trip with me - no matter how long or short. I'm the type of girl who has a very lengthy and involved skincare routine, and when I'm traveling, I add in extra steps (like masking, exfoliating, and lifting from all that airplane-induced dehydration and inflammation) - which means extra items in my luggage. 

Enter Beauty-360. I don't know why I've never seen a packaging innovation like this before, but they're tightened up what I'm used to seeing as super bulky, hefty packaging into tiny single, double, or triple use products perfect for being on-the-go. The lineup of sheet masks, powder cleansers, eye masks, and more traditional masks (that come in smaller pods and a tupperware-like lid to preserve the contents), are inspired by Korean beauty trends - and the ingredients are equally inspired, and loaded with crushed pearls and hyaluronic acid. My favorites include hydrogel eye masks (there's a variety, including Collagen for hydrating, Charcoal for soothing, and 24K Gold for brightening), a Rose & Pearl brightening mask, and a Hydrogel Intense Hydration sheet mask. The main targets and promises of the line are to moisturize, firm, rejuvenate, and detoxify to help reduce the appearance of pores - all especially important when you travel. 

I learned from skincare experts at Joanna Vargas and Kate Somerville that one of the reasons your pores open up while you travel by air is because the air is so dry, and they are opening up to absorb more moisture from the air. This is why it's so important to keep your skin hydrated (both with moisture-enriching products and drinking plenty of water) during long haul flights, and exfoliating when landing. Whether you're taking a longer vacation, a weekend trip (like the one Ali and I recently took to San Francisco), or packing for an overnight at your SO's, these TSA-friendly pieces are essentials that won't break the bank, (the entire line is priced between $5.99 and $7.99 and available at CVS). When Ali and I visited Japan last year for our honeymoon, we had so much fun exploring and hoarding what we could find of Japanese and Korean beauty and skincare products in their local pharmacies, and to know we can get similar products and quality at our local CVS is so great. Just as our stockpile has dwindled, the introduction to Beauty360, which offers the same quality and ingredients at an amazing value, is one I'm thrilled to discover. 

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