May 23, 2017

{STYLE} They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Before I jump into this - I just want to say that pink will always, always be my color. "Nicolette Pink" long preceded "Millenial Pink," and will forever and ever be a color that brings me immense joy and satisfaction, (and frankly, a departure from pink would require me to completely overhaul my home decor and my wardrobes which... isn't happening). That said, I have a prediction that egg-yolk yellow will be the next "it" color. This may have been foreshadowed by Beyonce's Lemonade, or the cover of Blood Orange's Freetown Sound, one of Solange's many tone-on-tone looks, or Bon Appetit's most recent egg-themed issue. Little glimpses of sunshine yellow have been popping up all over my feeds and I just can't get enough of it, and while I know posturing on color trends is hardly a thing of relative or remote importance, it's providing a much needed distraction from the now 3-hour news cycle that has otherwise dominated my headspace.

With summer around the corner, and a calendar full of exciting events on the horizon (a wedding in Cambridge, England to see one of my best friends marry her partner of over a decade, engagement parties, mid-summer galas, countryside fete's), I've been keeping my eye on occasion-appropriate pieces that stand apart from the pack. ASOS is my shopping destination in general, but it's especially exciting to browse for those special pieces that make a statement (I really love their Salon line for extra-showstopping looks). I instantly fell in love with this gorgeous yellow off-the shoulder jumpsuit, it's comfortable, breezy, and the straps can also be worn on the shoulders for a little more of a casual overall vibe, and can't wait to wear it to this summer's parties. 

What events are you excited for this summer??


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