September 1, 2017

Gray Malin at Home

I remember the first time I saw any of Gray Malin's work, it was of his Marfa series, where he photographed the Elmgreen & Dragset Prada Marfa sculpture, (yes, it's a sculpture - not a store in the middle of a Texas desert as many people have confused). Soon after, I came across Gray's aerial shots of beaches - from Australia to Bora Bora, not knowing the same artist as the iconic Prada Marfa shots was behind the dreamy beach scenes, too. I swooned over his photos from a distance - making them the background of my desktop, buying wallpaper from his online shop that I framed as placeholder's 'til I could someday have the "real thing," and toted my Gray Malin x S'well bottle everywhere with me until one day when TSA decided to confiscate it from me. 

So, when Gray's team reached out and asked if I'd like a piece for my home - I was blown away! It's always incredible to have an opportunity to connect or even work with an artist or designer you really admire and whose work you love. One of his newer series', Aqua Glam, was shot at the epic Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica (it's massive and overlooks Santa Monica Beach), and features the synchronized swimming group, The Aqualillies, (who, by the way, are AMAZING - I got a chance to see them perform in Palm Springs last year). I picked out "Graceful Glam II," to live in my office, and two smaller pieces of the beach scenes I had originally fallen in love with of his - Coogee BeachClifton Beach. They fit in so well with my home and as a person who loves being in the water, the photographs totally soothe and inspire me. 

Through September 5th, Gray Malin is offering free framing & shipping on all prints. It's an amazing chance to get beautiful artwork in high quality frames, (because seriously: frames are expensive - especially for large scale artwork!)  I'm personally taking advantage of the sale to find a piece for my Brooklyn abode, too! 

Thank you so much to Gray Malin and team for hooking me up with the artwork, taking such gorgeous photos at my home, and featuring me on your site! I shared a bit about the challenges of entrepreneurship as well as my home decor inspiration. 

You can take advantage of the free framing & shipping sale until September 5, here.