March 28, 2018

Light on My Feet

Last month, I started a program with Harley Pasternak and GMA to improve my autoimmune symptoms and anxiety through a fitness and wellness approach, and I don’t want to over exaggerate, but it completely changed my approach and mentality towards fitness. Working out has always been an important part of my life and especially my approach to mental health, but for the last few years I’ve been relying on super high-intensity workouts mixed with barre or pilates as the core of my physical activity. Working with Harley, who set a goal for me of 12K steps a day, he reminded me that it was more important to be moving and active throughout the day rather than relying on high-intensity workouts (especially as an auto-immune sufferer). That didn’t mean I was giving up on my beloved SoulCycle (it’s basically like therapy, for me), but it did mean I was having a more “anytime, anywhere” approach to moving - adding in some easy resistance exercises, too, that I could literally do anywhere. 

All of this meant that I was also looking to amp up my fitness wardrobe, and alongside my favorite leggings and easy layering pieces, I was also looking for great shoes. I was recently introduced to HOKA, and picked up a pair of sneakers from their Fly collection. I swear they make the most lightweight, airy sneakers ever - that are made both for everyday wear and high-impact workouts. They honestly feel like walking on clouds, and make me feel super light on my feet — the kind of feeling that has me skipping and jumping when I put them on. 

I’ve long been a believer in wearing activewear that makes you look and feel good — I think it can be completely transformative and also help put you in the mindset to approach workouts with an empowered feeling. I’m happy to now be adding HOKA to that rotation — honestly and seriously. 

This post is sponsored by HOKA.
All content and opinions are my own. 

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