What kind of camera do you use? What about editing software?
My primary point-and-shoot camera is an Olympus PEN. I also have a Canon 5D Mark II that I try to use as often as I can! I have many lenses that I interchange on my DSLRs, but the one I use most consistently is a 50mm/1.4 lens. I tweak colors directly in iPhoto or by using an Analog Color application available through Apple for about $10, and make collages in Photoshop. 

Where did you go to school? 
I graduated with honors from Parsons the New School for Design in 2008, with a BBA in Design and Management. I did my thesis on Heteronormativity in Mass Media and the Impact on LGBT Youth, and created an online magazine for LGBT and questioning teens.

What was your career path like?
While I was in college, I did a range of internships - from working in accessories in Chanel to marketing for various design agencies and working at a design strategy start-up. When I graduated, I started a position as a brand design strategist at an international design agency. While there, I began my blog and started taking on freelance projects with various media outlets - from Vogue Italia to Glamour Magazine to Refinery29. Soon after, I decided to quit my corporate design job to focus my efforts 100% on fashion writing, and was shortly thereafter offered a position at Marie Claire. It has been a completely surreal, wild ride - and I fully believe it's a matter of one happy accident after another! 

What do you do for a living?
I'm a creative consultant for fashion and lifestyle brands and a contributing editor/columnist at Marie Claire. Some of my freelance work includes trend forecasting, styling, art direction, market research and strategy, and diversity training. Prior to pursuing fashion full time, I was a brand design strategist at an international firm. 

Can I intern for you?
I'm flattered! At the moment I do not have any work for an intern, but I encourage you to pursue internship opportunities at Hearst

I want to move to NYC. What do I need?
A source of income and a lot of self-motivation! 

I want to go to design school. Do you have any advice?
Everyone's path and trajectory is different, but here's what I did: I spent the summer before my senior year of high school in NYC, where I took a pre-college course at Parsons the New School for Design. Taking classes at Parsons re-assured me that I needed to be at a design institution, and I wasn't making a mistake by pursuing my passion. Throughout high school I took AP art classes as well as classes at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles to further develop my portfolio. The most important thing is to do a lot of your own research and know what to expect from each individual school, as well as from your overall college experience. There's a big, big difference between traditional art schools and design schools; the latter tends to have a more commercial and business-minded focus. There's also an enormous difference between a traditional college experience and living on a campus, versus going to a school in a major city. Each has their own list of pros and cons - so think about what suits you and your needs best. 

Where do you like to shop?
I've listed some of my favorite shops in the sidebar to the right, with stores that carry plus-sizes marked with a +! My favorite online stores are ASOS, ModCloth, and Net-a-Porter.  

I'm going to NYC! What should I do while I'm there? 
I recently made a super-thorough list of my favorite things to do and see in New York. You can check it out here.

I saw you bought something from _____, but they don't carry plus-sizes. How does it fit you?
My motto when it comes to shopping is "just try it on." I rarely pay attention to the size number on a tag, and instead I assess a garment by its fabric and shape. It's a clever trick I picked up over a lifetime of being "too big" for fashion, (yeah, right!)

What size do you wear? How tall are you?
Vanity sizing is a very real thing, and the clothing in my closet ranges from sizes 10 - 20. I'm a solid 14/16 from ASOS, but I also have a dress that's marked a size 6 that mysteriously fits perfectly. Remember that it's just a number! As for height, I'm 5'7" with no shoes on, and love a good pair of heels. 

Do you ever do sponsored post or brand partnerships?
My blog is a passion project, so while I do brand partnerships, I am extremely discriminating and will only work with brands/companies that I feel are aligned with my aesthetic and vision. If you're a brand or retailer interested in working with me, please contact my manager. In compliance with FTC regulations, sponsored content and brand partnerships will be disclosed as such on my blog. To read more disclosures about my blog, click here. In addition to sponsored content, I occasionally use affiliate links - which earn a small commission on sales.