July 20, 2016

{STYLE} Party Time

I think we can all agree that the weight of the world has been resting on many of our shoulders, lately. Every day it seems we wake up to breaking news coverage that feels absolutely devastating. It's so important for me to stay current on world events and be informed on what's happening globally, but it has been equally important for my mental health to find pockets of time where I can escape, celebrate, and appreciate all the good in my own life. And there have been really, really great moments, lately. I've been lucky to celebrate birthdays with friends and family, bachelor parties, and the wedding of two of my best friends. There have been nights out for dancing, and early mornings up to enjoy the locals farmers markets and museums and galleries in my two favorite cities. Dressing up to celebrate life and enjoy a bit of a party, sometimes, makes it easier to get up out of bed and take on the day.

And while I hardly need an excuse to dress up, I love finding reasons to wear something extra festive. SimplyBe put me and a host of other beauties (Curvy Girl Chic, Hayet Rida, Beauticurve, and Style Plus Curves) to task to each style dresses from their summer collection, and I couldn't resist this sparkly number to show off my party-loving style. It's a rainbow iridescent sequin tee dress that gives off a rainbow sheen as you move or dance your way through life, (as I do quite often, if we're being honest!) 

Has fashion been a serious form of escapism for any of you? I'd love to hear how you're celebrating the good parts of life through your wardrobe (or not!) 


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July 5, 2016

{STYLE} Wear Now, Wear Later

Because I'm all about skirts and dresses (or is it time I retire that seeing as I'm finally dabbling in the world of culottes and trousers?) I love finding silhouettes that lend themselves to a variety of ways to style throughout the year, regardless of season. This is probably why I gravitate towards variations on the shift dress - which are especially perfect for layering, (like the black-and-white dress I designed with Addition Elle, which was great on its own and layered with button-downs or turtlenecks underneath).

I landed on this sleeveless
utility dress at Old Navy, and knew it would be similarly versatile - great solo, worn with of-the-moment denim, or later into fall with striped tops or sweaters layered underneath for warmth. Only after taking these pictures did it dawn on me that this dress actually converts into a sleek vest, as well (just open the buttons all the way down the front and pull the drawstring tight on either side); talk about bang-for-the-buck, (I'll demo this on snapchat!) Because the dress is so lightweight with a breathable cotton twill, it could even be worn as a cute beach coverup.

I love a statement-get-up as much as the next fashion girl, but when it comes to my everyday dressing, I'm definitely more in the habit of uniforms, and this is exactly the type of basic that will be in heavy rotation in my wardrobe year round! 

Wear Now

Wear Later 

Photos by Sylvia Gunde

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June 27, 2016

{STYLE} White Out

Not even going to pretend a little bit: even after years of unlearning the myth that white clothing does not belong on bodies like mine, wearing white jeans still gives me a bit of anxiety. Truth be told, I'm way, way more nervous about sitting on something and ending up with a huge stain on my ass than I am about how my butt looks, though, (because thanks to NYDJ awesome denim cuts, I think it's actually looking pretty cute). I decided to challenge myself to wearing an all-white look with accents of my favorite color, pink, to kick off the summer. While I am generally way more inclined to wearing all-black-everything, I do love how fresh this look feels - and I guess I'm okay admitting that a light-colored outfit actually does do its job in the way of keeping your body's temperature down.

I found these jeans at Nordstrom, where they have a pretty amazing selection of premium denim, from this $53 pair from Melissa McCarthy, to this $198 pair from Eileen Fisher. Denim is one of the things that always ends up being worth investing a little bit more in, in my experience; not only is the tailoring impressive, but the shape, stretch, and color tends to hold up a bit better over time. My favorite premium denim is consistently NYDJ (I especially love the Clarissa style, and own them in a couple of washes - including light pink!), but it's worth noting, if you've never tried them, that you should size down at least a full size. They run on the larger side and also have built in textile technology that acts sort of like shapewear.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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June 24, 2016

{STYLE} Costume Jewels

I have always, always been a serious magpie, and even while I flirt with more minimal styles, jewelry (especially of the sparkling variety) continue to be a major point of weakness for me. Ever since I was first introduced to BaubleBar a few years ago, then just a tiny, baby start­-up, it has been a destination for me when shopping for on­-trend costume jewelry. All that glitters may not be gold, but when it comes to finding statement pieces at competitive prices, it cannot be beat, (and I love cashing in on my vault points, too!)

This summer, I'm holding onto some of my classic pearl­-and-crystal styles, while also enjoying their more minimal motifs ­ especially their choker and collar necklaces. The Taurus Collar, aptly named for my zodiac, has been in heavy rotation the last couple of months (after all, I had to revel in the Taurus sun while it was around), with these malachite and marble­look earrings making a perfect complement. It doesn't hurt that these face­-framing statement pieces are perfect pairings with the off­-the­-shoulder looks that have been dominating the runways and the street style set.

While I still abide by the Coco Chanel adage of removing one accessory before heading out the door, I will never stop layering and mixing­-and­-matching statement jewels to play up my looks. Even the simplest of outfits -­ jeans and a t­-shirt, a low­-key LBD -can be completely transformed with a bit of jewelry; being able to diversify our wardrobe staples is a major key to my styling successes. 

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June 22, 2016

{STYLE} Slipped

I can't. stop. wearing. slip dresses! Maybe because the temperature has climbed up to the triple-digits, such that the heat makes wearing virtually anything else merely aspirational (yes, I've even finally gotten to a point where I've been forced -  forced - to ditch my leather jacket), but I've been wearing iterations of the slip dress (especially this one) on major repeat for the last few weeks. I'm not exaggerating: I bought exactly 5 of this dress. One had already perished in a fateful standoff with a piece of jewelry when I decided to purchase the back-ups. A second got in a late-night fight with humidity, a pair of scissors impulsively bought at 10th Avenue Duane Reade, and one-too-many tequilas on an empty stomach. Apparently, this is all it takes for you and your BFF to spontaneously decide that cutting your dress in half, outside the oldest remaining lesbian bar in New York City, is a good great idea, (spoiler alert: it was a pretty bad idea, and the satin unraveled into a very un-chic mess throughout the course of the night). Fortunately, there are three more on stand-by, as the answers to my "Why Can't I Find One of The Reformation's Sassy Slip Dresses in My Size?" prayers.

Well, here we go. Summer of slip dresses. I may or may not have purchased this literal slip (notedly not a "slip dress") to wear, as well. 

Photos by Sylvia Gunde