July 25, 2017

Introducing.... PREMME!

You may have heard the news, but yesterday Gabi and I announced that we were launching our own, new plus-size brand, PREMME, and by 8AM this morning, our site had already crashed from overwhelming traffic! OMG. This has been a passion project that we've been working on for a long time, and we are so excited to finally unveil. I'll be revisiting this soon with a little more about our process and how we landed here, but for now, I'd love to share our video look book! Thank you all SO much for your support and love!!!

July 11, 2017

{STYLE} Just Me & My Levi's

We've all watched Grease, right? I used to watch it over-and-over as a child; I was obsessed with the Pink Ladies, with Rizzo's bad gal aesthetic, and Frenchie's pink haired beauty school drop out look. While my style often feels a little bit like Sandra's 1959 California debut (it's hard to resist a high-waisted circle skirt, sometimes), my nights out veer a bit more towards her cigarette pants-and-pumps Danny Zuko inspired makeover. While I don't condone ever changing your style to appease or catch the attention of a love interest, I do greatly appreciate any challenge or expansion of an individuals personal style vocabulary.

Yes, for everyday that I'm an all-pink-everything, sometimes princess, I'm equally a denim-and-leather clad hard femme - and no denim feels more quintessentially Americana, whether my styling is ultra-modern or retro, than a classic pair of Levi's. I'm obsessed with these Levis 711 skinny jeans, (they also come in pink, which... duh, is next on my list) that I purchased from Amazon, and love that the wash is a true black (because when I'm not a cotton candy vision, it's all black or nothing).

While I consider myself a bit of an expert in the world of online shopping, I'm definitely newer to shopping for fashion on Amazon - but it opened my eyes to how expansive Levi's plus-size selection is, (quick fit note - I ordered the 711's in a size 16, and usually wear a 14 in denim). Now I'm rather quickly wishlisting other styles I didn't know existed - like these white, distressed boyfriend jeans and these rad butt-hugging overalls. It's mid-July, somehow, and I'm feeling like more jeans are in order for these (whoa-oh) summer nights. 

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July 5, 2017

{STYLE} Florals for Summer with SimplyBe

It's been just over a week since I visited England for the wedding of one of my dearest friends, Briony. London has long been what I consider my third home (after Los Angeles and New York, of course), because of my familial connections to the city and the many friends I've made there. The streets are so familiar to me, and I have deep memories that span across the city - nights out dancing with friends till the early hours of the morning, having tea with my grandmother and exchanging stories, interviewing Beth Ditto for Vogue Italia and attending the London Fashion Week shows of some of my most favorite designers, shooting a look book for Clements Ribiero's Swan collection, hours upon hours of laughing with friends at Bob Bob Ricard or Sketch. Each trip has me coming home with new memories - and this most recent trip had me collecting many in both London and Cambridge.

I packed my bags for my trip and tried my best to prepare for the UK's surprise heat wave - and took a bit of inspiration from English gardens and the lush greenery in Cambridge, where Briony got married, at the historic Kings College. I picked this dress from Simply Be's summer collection (it also comes in blush pink!), and love the bit of ruffled detail at the sleeve. Travel always influences my sensibilities around style, giving me new context to play with my wardrobe and draw inspiration from my surroundings - and after being so deep in work-mode these last few months, I was so looking forward to being outside my usual surroundings! I spent an entire day with Briony and her wedding crew twirling around in Kings Colleges private fellows garden, filled with fresh lavender and garden roses and bumble bees buzzing around. It made my heart so happy - and made wearing this dress all the more sweet! 

PS: You can get 25% off your entire order at SimplyBe with the code "NICOLETTE25" 


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May 23, 2017

{STYLE} They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Before I jump into this - I just want to say that pink will always, always be my color. "Nicolette Pink" long preceded "Millenial Pink," and will forever and ever be a color that brings me immense joy and satisfaction, (and frankly, a departure from pink would require me to completely overhaul my home decor and my wardrobes which... isn't happening). That said, I have a prediction that egg-yolk yellow will be the next "it" color. This may have been foreshadowed by Beyonce's Lemonade, or the cover of Blood Orange's Freetown Sound, one of Solange's many tone-on-tone looks, or Bon Appetit's most recent egg-themed issue. Little glimpses of sunshine yellow have been popping up all over my feeds and I just can't get enough of it, and while I know posturing on color trends is hardly a thing of relative or remote importance, it's providing a much needed distraction from the now 3-hour news cycle that has otherwise dominated my headspace.

With summer around the corner, and a calendar full of exciting events on the horizon (a wedding in Cambridge, England to see one of my best friends marry her partner of over a decade, engagement parties, mid-summer galas, countryside fete's), I've been keeping my eye on occasion-appropriate pieces that stand apart from the pack. ASOS is my shopping destination in general, but it's especially exciting to browse for those special pieces that make a statement (I really love their Salon line for extra-showstopping looks). I instantly fell in love with this gorgeous yellow off-the shoulder jumpsuit, it's comfortable, breezy, and the straps can also be worn on the shoulders for a little more of a casual overall vibe, and can't wait to wear it to this summer's parties. 

What events are you excited for this summer??


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May 10, 2017

{STYLE} All Gingham, All The Time

  Photos by Lydia Hudgens

I want to talk about gingham, how we're inching towards summer, and how I continue to surprise myself with my sort of random style obsessions lately (like bees, or culottes, or super-90s-glossy lips), but my search for escapism mostly brings me back to my real recent obsession: the meshigas surrounding our political system. I really want to talk about off-the-shoulder dresses, cause it's fun, but I really-really want to talk about healthcare, cause it's essential.

I don't have a concrete, designated space where it feels entirely appropriate to talk about healthcare or politics in general (though I do love a good twitter rant), but last week I found myself sharing my concerns and frustrations on Instagram Stories, a day after the House of Representatives voted on the insufficiently vetted ACHA bill that, if passed by the Senate, would most likely put over 24-million Americans at risk of losing their healthcare by 2025, (and this is putting things very, very lightly). 

I haven't discussed this at length on my blog, but over the last few years, I have been navigating auto-immune diagnoses that have had a dramatic impact on my everyday life, lifestyle, and work flow. Having to prioritize my health in this capacity forced me to renegotiate my lifestyle, which was truly only made possible because of my access to comprehensive healthcare and health insurance. Without it, there would be no way for me to access the battery of tests, emergency hospital visits, multiple surgeries, scans, and continued care that I've needed in order to stay alive and remain healthy.

Even with an enormous amount of privilege (through my income, my somewhat flexible work life, and access to health insurance), it has still been an exhausting and often heartbreaking space to navigate; this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ways healthcare providers, and the system that they work in, have ingrained biases against overweight patients that makes navigating medical care all the more complicated - something which made it seemingly never-ending for me to finally get an accurate diagnosis and the proper medical attention.

Healthcare services are being renegotiated in such a way that further perpetuates biases and prejudice in healthcare against women, the poor, people of color, the elderly, children, and people living with disabilities. It compromises the health, safety, and access to care for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault - and could discourage survivors of abuse from confronting or reporting their experiences for fear that they'll be stripped of their insurance. For gender and sexual minorities, healthcare could be made completely inaccessible. Mental healthcare services could be rendered completely unattainable. (And no, I'm not just hinting at plotlines from The Handmaid's Tale, though each passing day makes Margaret Atwood's fictional dystopia feel eerily more and more like our present).

While the fate of the ACHA is still unknown, I'd like to ask that anyone in America reading this please contact their senators and express that healthcare should not be a privilege extended only to those who can afford care. You can find your senators contact information here. And while it may seem a little out of place for me to be writing about this here, I feel like having this platform (however modest it may be) is a responsibility, and speaking up about these issues and how they may infringe on the lives and access to care of our most vulnerable citizens is something that I do not take lightly. 

I'll now resume dressing like a picnic blanket indefinitely while doing my best to balance moments of escapism with activism.