April 29, 2016

{STYLE} The Romantic

I think one of the most fun things about being a newly-wed (it hasn't been a year, yet, so it's still "new," right?) is continuing to go on dates and finding fun activities and hobbies to enjoy together. It's so easy to default to all our time together just being there - but carving out intentional, focused time to enjoy each other's company has 100% been the key to keeping things exciting, fresh, and moving forward. In so many of my past relationships - we somehow counted existing in the same space as "time together" - but trust me, it's not, and in subsequent dating experiences and especially in my relationship with Ali, continuing to date years into being together is essential to our happiness. And so for all the eye-rolling I once did towards "date night," I get it now. While we definitely have our list of favorite places we hit up regularly (Petty Cash in LA, Cafe Mogador in NY, LACMA and the Brooklyn Museum), we love going out together and finding something new-to-us, and sometimes planning out a fresh outfit for the occasion makes it all the more special - yes, even if we're getting ready in the same space.

Super high-necklines aren't generally my go-to, but seeing this top in the perfect shade of pink ignited an immediate need - and one that felt appropriate for our commitment to date-nights. Pairing with the boots I've worn to death (I told you it would be hard for me to let them go!) and a skirt thats been in heavy rotation since early fall was a winning combination. 


April 13, 2016

{STYLE} Pleats, Please

It's starting to feel a bit like spring - if not because of the rising temperatures, then definitely because of the onslaught of nearly unbearable allergies, (no, I'm not crying... my entire face is just leaking right now). Trading in my bulky, quilted jackets that I've been wearing on my east coast jaunts for soft, light layers feels pretty exciting - especially as the trees that line the streets begin to bloom. I just hope it warms up a little more as a plan a few days of major New York City fun next week for my birthday! 

Photos by Lydia Hudgens


April 6, 2016

{STYLE} Spring into Summer

 Wearing: Mossimo Supply Co. Dress, Mossimo Supply Co. Shorts, Mossimo Supply Co. Denim Vest, Mossimo Supply Co. Clogs

Palm Springs continues to be my happy place, and The Parker continues to remain one of the most magical grounds ever in my mind. When Target invited me down to the desert to check out their new swimwear offerings (with an itinerary of some of my favorite Palm Springs activities,) I hastily packed my bags and made my way out - soaking in the sun, the mountains, and the midcentury architecture all the way there. There was a requisite stop at Hadley's for their famous date shakes, too, of course! 

A few days before the trip I visited my local Target (an at least once a week ritual, if we're being honest), and was blown away by the selection of swimwear. Target has always had cute swim options, but they've really upped the game this year - and I was glad I was in store to try on the suits because I tried a few straight-size swim options that I may have shied away from online, (plus, they're all mix-and-match, which is great if you're different sizes on top and bottom like I am). This is a style that came in multiple colorways that I absolutely adore! I bought it in a XXL in store. Of course, I also love the options from Ava & Viv - especially because Gabi, Chastity, and myself had the opportunity to give feedback on the designs when we visited the Target Headquarters together last fall. And the best, BEST part? They're all way under $50. 

The first day in Palm Springs, Ali and I checked into The Parker and enjoyed brunch at Norma's (they have the best fish tacos), a bike ride around the neighborhood (the hotel has bikes you can borrow), and a few hours of swimming before having a mini-slumber party with Frankie and some take-out gluten-free pizza from Birba in downtown Palm Springs. Once the rest of the crew arrived (including my blogger boos Nadia and Christina), we spent a morning hiking in Indian Canyon and followed up with an afternoon of spring/summer previews at a gorgeous estate (which just so happens to be Leonardo DiCaprio's Palm Springs home.... NBD). The Aqualillies, a synchronized swimming troupe, did a performance all wearing matching striped one-pieces (the same one I'm wearing above)! It was the cutest thing and I've never wanted to be a synchronized swimmer more in my life

I spent the few days in Palm Springs wearing tons of flowy, breezy looks from Target - some of my favorites being the yellow floral dress and the black tiered dress. I also sported this off-the-shoulder number from the WhoWhatWear collection - which was a perfect transitional item; it looked just as good as a swim coverup while heading poolside as it did with a pair of heels and statement necklace to go out to dinner. The great part about having more fashion-driven swimwear in my arsenal, too, is that they can be paired with my real clothes for more mix-and-match potential. There's just no reason why my longline bikini tops shouldn't be worn with a great maxi skirt. 

The key trends for Target this summer are Tropical & Tribal, Sport, Boho, and Stars and Stripes (major Americana vibes) - and I loved looks from each of these themes. The two trends that I fell for the most at the preview, though, were bohemian and sport looks, (which is definitely consistent with some of my other style crushes lately). While I definitely have my core all-pink-and-black sensibility at the center-stone of my personal style, my time spent in LA over the last year has had me gravitating more towards the easy-breezy and athleisure-inspired looks. Flowy dresses with sky-high clogs (these are so comfortable and light weight, I can't recommend them enough) were the perfect wardrobe for our Palm Springs adventure! They made exceptional transitional pieces, too - taking the flowy dresses from day to night by swapping my sandals or sneakers for my platforms. While I'm still entertaining the idea of heading back to Palm Springs for Coachella next weekend, I know that at the very least my wardrobe will be sorted. 


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All content and opinions are my own. 

March 29, 2016

{STYLE} A Laid Back Spring

It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since Gabi, Chastity and I were first invited to the Target Headquarters in Minneapolis to preview their then not-yet-announced plus-size line, Ava & Viv. We were excited then to be part of something new, but especially excited to impact the change and evolution of the brand, (it's no secret that the initial collection, while serving a great need and making plus-size clothes available in all their brick and mortar stores, fell a little short when it came to delivering trends and fashion). By their second season, last fall, we saw immediate improvements in the collection as well as a direct influence in the conversations Gabi, Chastity and I had with the in-house design teams. Our feedback, both from ourselves and that our readers shared with us, was welcomed and appreciated by the Target designers, merchandisers, and buyers - and they were excited to invest wholly in the needs and wants of their customers. A year later, it's clear that Ava & Viv is getting through its growing pains and developing a design sensibility (free of hanky-hem tops) of its very own. 

A year later, we returned to Minneapolis (and had our own sprinkle of midwest snow during our quick visit), to see the finalized collection for this spring as well as the work-in-progress collections through the end of the year. Spring/summer has a decidedly laid-back, bohemian feeling - with a great focus on fabrics and materials that have exceptional hand-feel; the touch of this jacket, for example, is incredible. It's the type of thing you want to live in. There are breezy dresses, wear-to-death chambray tops and shirt dresses, and a continued commitment to amazing denim (seriously, every person I've encouraged to try them on has come back with glowing reviews - and, this paint-splatter pair? They're practically perfect). Plus, as Gabi and I plan ahead for a trip to Greece next fall, there are a ton of blue-and-white flowy pieces that are begging for a gorgeous destination. 

As the weather warms up, I'm honestly excited to get into some of these easy, ultra-comfortable pieces! 


This post is part of my on-going partnership with Target. All content and opinions are my own.

March 24, 2016

{STYLE} Short Skirts & Tall Boots

While Sunday may have been the official beginning of Spring, I'm far from ready to retire my combination of short skirts and knee-high boots that I've been sporting non-stop for the last few months (proof: herehere, here, here, and here; can't stop, won't stop). I know the time will come for me to soon retire my boots (if they haven't already overstayed their welcome) but I may be holding on to them until they can no longer stand the heat.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens