October 18, 2016

{STYLE} Still Here

I sometimes feel at odds with the idea that the image I project through social media and through photos is not completely consistent with how I'm feeling or what I'm going through. I want to be totally transparent, but there's something about sharing your vulnerabilities that is completely overwhelming at times, even for a person with a history of oversharing. I think a lot about the responsibility I bear when social media is blamed for making people feel inadequate at times, how it can be such an easy tool for comparison, when I often appear like I've Got Everything Together (and sometimes, I do, but not always. No one does). This can definitely feel a little complicated when a big part of your job is to be a person on the internet.

So, the honest truth: I've being going through a period of growth and challenge, and some days have been harder than others. I'm working hard on being the best version of me, and part of that process has been living in the quiet online, and being exceptionally present with my friends and family IRL. Even in the darkest days in my recent history, I've learned a lot of really positive things about myself, like that I'm actually really good at taking care of other people, and I care deeply and passionately about making the world a better and safer place. But right now, I'm trying to take care of me in the best ways I know how. 
Some days self-care looks like taking care of the people around me, and other days it looks like pouring myself and my energy into my work. I'm definitely Type-A, and like to take care of everything, but there are moments where asking for help and support are actually the strongest, most alpha thing a person can do.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens


September 27, 2016

{LIFESTYLE} Travel Essentials for Life On The Go

If there's one thing I've learned in this year-and-a-half of bouncing back and forth between coasts (though, honestly, I've learned many things and most are far more existential than I will remotely begin to touch upon in this blog post), it's what things I've come to rely on as "essentials" in my life as far as fashion and beauty items are concerned. I've had to completely rework my skincare routine (all that time in airplanes really does a number on my skin), and retool the parts of my wardrobe that act as real workhorses (what others may call "basics" or "foundation pieces" that have long been absent from my closets). 

So much in my life has changed since Ali and I decided to make the move towards Los Angeles, but I did not anticipate that it would mean traveling almost every week or that the ripple effect on my personal style would be so visible. I still love my crazy, quirky statement pieces (especially when it comes to shoes and bags), but being on-the-move constantly has forced me to reimagine layering and remixing key pieces in creative ways (especially when work or unexpected life events take me to a new city, spontaneously, for 36-hours with a full itinerary of day-to-night events). Bloglovin' asked me to curate a shop with some of my favorite things, and this seemed like an area of my life which I could extend the most wisdom. 

Travel skincare? I never knew how much I needed Kate Somerville's Goat Milk line - but it has become absolutely essential for deep moisture and stripping away makeup and dirt my pores have collected throughout the day, (and, psst, if this is an area of interest to you: I'm working on a full post dedicated to skincare). Wardrobe? I rely on mixing high-and-low, like my ever-so-trusty, wear-it-whenever-the-weather-allows-me leather motorcycle jacket, and a bevy of cute dresses that can be dressed up or down with a layered turtleneck or a heel swap. Savvy boots? Made. For. Walking. And I wish someone told me sooner that my favorite, suede, over-the-knee boots could be rolled down into super easy to pack nuggets, cause wow that moment was a total game-changer.  Plus there's more. I actually wrote out why I love every item I included and then I was worried that it would be boring, but really: ask me. They're all important to me and all have an actual place in my wardrobe. 

Check out my bloglovin curated shop here

Photos by Lydia Hudgens 

September 23, 2016

{STYLE} Fall Feelings

Wearing: Leopard Print Jacquard Dress, Leather Moto Jacket, Chanel Chelsea Boots (similar styles here, splurgeunder-100), Chanel Backpack (similar styles here, splurgeunder-100), MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Burnt Violet

With yesterday officially marking the start of autumn, and the morning and night temps finally getting chilly enough to necessitate layers (though the mid-day weather is still peak summer), I'm starting to incorporate some of my favorite fall pieces back into my day-to-day uniform. My number one piece, as always, is my classic motorcycle jacket, (I am wearing this one - and it's a splurge that has been well worth it, especially in the cost-per-wear department.) 

Being back in LA now, post vacation, I've been working hard on trying to stay focused and set my intentions for the upcoming season. I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by, and as we approach the last few months of 2016, I want this to be my most productive, balanced, and healthy time yet. No, this has nothing to do with fall dressing, but in the absence of a new school year, the beginning of fall feels like a time to start new and realign my goals. I have big editorial and creative projects that I'm excited about, and upcoming visits to Atlanta for Create & Cultivate and New Orleans, and let me just say I'm a big proponent of actually pausing and taking that break or vacation so you can come back refreshed and renewed. 

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

September 16, 2016

{STYLE} Lemonade

If you were following along on Instagram, you may have already caught a quick glimpse of this gorgeous printed set from my trip to Greece to celebrate Gabi's 30th birthday. I absolutely love it, and it is so comfortable, lightweight, and fun that it made for a perfect travel look for the greek islands, (coincidentally, Lydia packed and brought the same set with her!)

This will probably be the first of several Santorini posts, but it's warranted as this ended up being one of the best trips of my life. Of course, being in Santorini, it's gorgeous coasts and temperate weather (it reminded me a lot of Southern California in that respect), was a big part of the equation, but more significantly, being with a group of 14 strong, empowered, and loving women who consistently uplifted one another was honestly a life changing experience. We spent our days exploring different parts of Santorini; we stayed in Pyrgos, and ventured out to Fira and Oia for the gorgeous views, a sunset cruise, shopping (the linens, you guys!), and snorkeling in those bright, clear cerulean waters. We ate the most amazing, fresh foods - the best tomatoes I've ever had, fresh feta, dolmadas, and delicious seafood seasoned with fragrant saffron, (which, honestly, is also a summary of the only foods I've wanted to eat since getting home). But truly, what made it all so special was having down time together, singing and dancing and talking about our personal breakthroughs, sharing each of our unique experiences and the times we've faced adversity (we all come from very different backgrounds), and building intentions for the year ahead. And to do that all while being in a gorgeous city, wearing a delightful lemon print? I mean, it's postcard perfect. #gabithreezero forever.

August 29, 2016

{STYLE} Vacation Countdown

While I've been on a few amazing, short work trips this year, I haven't had a real vacation since before New Years, and before that since mine and Ali's honeymoon to Japan. It's been an incredible, bustling work-year, but I'm so excited that at the end of this week I'll be taking a transatlantic flight to London for a few days of adventuring with Ali, before heading on to the Greek Islands to celebrate Gabi's birthday with a group of friends. I've been trying to get better at "work-life balance," but whenever I think things are going to slow down, something inevitably comes up at the last minute to monopolize on whatever crumbs of "free time" I was anticipating. The latter part of this upcoming trip, however, has been on the books since last September, and the anticipation is seriously building up. I've been slowly adding white and blue pieces to my wardrobe, and now that the vacation is right around the corner, a handful of items have been prioritized into my must-wear-now pile. This top & jeans were pieces I instantly fell in love with, and I was so excited that the eloquii team surprised me by sending them my way! 

I've been pinning a ton of my Santorini inspiration for what feels like forever, but I'm definitely still open to suggestions 

Photos by Sylvia Gunde